How many titles each?

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    Nope. Those that I mentioned in my post are over the course of their career. So it’s counting the 7 Schumi’s already won, 2 Alonso has already won, 2 Vettel has won, 1 Button has won, and 1 Hamilton has won.

    Basically how many “total” titles.


    Verrry interesting reading all these! What I imagine is the following.

    2012: Vettel/Webber
    2013: Hamilton/Button
    2014: Rosberg
    2015: Di Resta
    2016: Alonso (in his final year)
    2017: Di Resta

    So basically Mercedes rising to the top, with Rosberg and Di Resta developing a proper in team rivalry. I can see more of Alonso and Vettel in there though…that would be the sensible option…


    2012 – Vettel
    2013 – Alonso (after a titanic title battle with Seb)
    2014 – Vettel walks (like 2011)
    2015 – Vettel
    2016 – Alonso
    2017 – Hamilton
    2018 – Hulkenberg

    For 2012; 2014; 2015 I can’t see anyone else taking the title sadly. 2014 will be a scary year as I feel Newey’s dominance will get a new lease of life; especially with his works Renault deal.


    Good idea for a thread!

    2012: Vettel (Red Bull) | Webber and Massa retire, replaced by Ricciardo and Perez
    2013: Button (McLaren)
    2014: Vettel (Red Bull)
    2015: Alonso (Ferrari) | Button retires
    2016: Hamilton (Red Bull) | Alonso retires, replaced by Kubica
    2017: Kubica (Ferrari)
    2018: Perez (Ferrari)
    2019: Vettel (Mercedes)
    2020: di Resta (Mercedes)

    The field is so ridiculously competitive today, and to make matters worse they are all young drivers! Honestly I can’t see any of the top four not winning at least one title, actually, I think it would be a pity if they didn’t (well, actually, I don’t really think it would be a pity if Hamilton doesn’t win a title ever again :P) I think Vettel will win 2012 and 2014 and Button will be champion in 2013, but only just. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Kubica will be driving well again and will be champion with Ferrari, and I think Hamilton will move to Red Bull at some point in the future, but unfortunately for him Newey follows Vettel to Mercedes after the team falls back again to 4th in 2015 after finishing 2nd in 2013 with Rosberg and di Resta. And I kinda want Perez to become a very, very good driver in the near future, possibly learning from Alonso in 2013 and finishing close to him in 2014. Then, in 2018 Red Bull will be only the 4th fastest team and McLaren will be struggling with and unstable driver line-up, after their lead driver, Rosberg, retired at the end of 2017 and di Resta went back to Mercedes. This then leaves the way open for Kubica and Perez to fight it all out, with Sergio coming out on top. Then Newey creates a new masterpiece and Vettel walks away with another title, but this time with a much closer opposition from di Resta.


    Wow @magnificent-geoffrey you certainly do have faith in Kobayashi :P


    2012: Lewis Hamilton
    2013: Lewis Hamilton
    2014: Sebastian Vettel
    2015: Lewis Hamilton
    2016: Lewis Hamilton


    Vettel 7
    Webber 0
    Ricciardo 0
    Hamilton 1
    Button 1
    De la Rosa 0
    Paffett 0
    Alonso 4
    Massa 0
    Bianchi 0
    Fisichella 0
    Gené 0
    Schumacher 7
    Rosberg 0
    Heidfeld 0
    Senna 0
    Petrov 0
    Barrichello 0
    Maldonado 0
    Bottas 3
    Sutil 0
    Di Resta 1
    Hulkenberg 1
    Kobayashi 0
    Perez 0
    Gutierrez 1
    Buemi 0
    Alguersuari 0
    Vergne 0
    Kovalainen 0
    Trulli 0
    Chandhok 0
    Razia 0
    Valsecchi 0
    Teixieria 0
    Karthikeyan 0
    Liuzzi 0
    Glock 0
    D’Ambrosio 0
    Wickens 1
    Quaife-Hobbs 0


    Bottas 3? Is the boy THAT good? I’ve never followed his career and as such I don’t know. Given their team links (Bottas is linked to Williams, no?) I’d take Bianchi over him any day for a WDC punt


    I don’t understand how people can say that Alonso could win more titles than Hamilton when clearly Hamilton was better when they raced in a same car

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Except they’re not driving the same car anymore.


    @dam00r that’s the way you see it; and undoubtedly there are others who share your view. But not all do. I just started this thread for the fun factor – let’s not go into debates ;)


    I like @Guilherme‘s prediction the most. Only one thing I’d change though – and that’s Vettel winning next year. I reckon he will, but I sincerely hope he doesn’t! I’d love to see Button get another one. My ultimate dream would be for Massa or Webber to win a championship, but it pains me to admit that their opportunities have passed. :(


    As a loyal Norfolk girl, I must remind you of the re-surface of Team Lotus. As my step-bro has just landed a contract working on the aero of the car, I predict Lotus will be champions by 2020 with a driver we have not heard of yet.
    It is hard to imagine Vettel, Hamilton, Button and Alonso giving up without one more championship each.
    @Guiherme I love the amount of thought you have put into this!


    @Helen – good luck to your brother. Not easy working for Gascoyne :P


    If Alonso retires with less than 4 titles to his name you could consider his career as some sort of a failure (not really but with different luck he’d already have as many titles today).
    Hamilton is still young too, he can win another two but only if he can make sure not to become another Mansell (learning from Button can make him one of the greats).
    I’d be delighted if Button can win another title but if McLaren make another great car and Hamilton gets to grips with it from the beginning I guess Lewis would take it off his teammate.
    Vettel has another 10 years of race wins ahead of him but it won’t get any easier than it was this year so I see “only” two more titles in his future.
    If Perez goes to Ferrari and learns everything he can from Fernando until he retires I am looking forward to seeing him win a title aswell.
    I’d go mad if Schumacher can take another one but another race win would probably be enough to trigger that reaction already :-P
    If Rosberg doesn’t emancipate himself as a race winner ‘soon’ I don’t see a title for him and if Hülkenberg doesn’t get a race seat in the next 2 seasons I feel his career is already over. DiResta sure has a bright future ahead of him, in DTM he looked fine under pressure so I think he will get a shot at a title one day. Alguersuari and Ricciardo sure can win races but I haven’t seen enough of them to judge their title chamces (guess Alg won’t).
    Who else if there .. don’t see Kobayashi win one, doesn’t look stable enough and the talents I look at, who can really judge them, the transition to F1 isn’t for everyone, some of the biggest talents don’t win anything and some drivers emerge from nowhere.

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