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    As posts cannot be moved, I will simply copy&paste my post on the other thread, delete that one, and post it on here (no attempt for spam).

    I will (somewhat) predict the future, and the success future success of current F1 drivers. I know this is not an easy task; however, I’ll give it a shot. My predictions are based on how good the driver is, how young he is (age matters!) and how his future in his team looks like.

    Note that I do believe that every world champion within the next 8 years, up and until 2020, will be a driver who’s currently on the grid. After that, we will see a new star rise, leading us into a new generation.

    I can see him being a 4-time world champion when he retires. However, unlike many seem to speculate, he will not break Schumi’s records. There’s far too much competition in today’s era to achieve that. He will probably drive for Red Bull until Newey retires, then he’ll move to another team (probably Ferrari) to win his final world title.

    He will be either a 2 or 3 time champion when his days come to an end. However, in my opinion, he will not accomplish this in Mclaren. Mclaren have a history of screwing up early success of young drivers, look at Raikkonen in 2003-2006, who could’ve easily won a couple of additional WDC’s. I expect people to disagree, but mark my word, Lewis will move to either Red Bull or Mercedes within a couple of years.

    He’s going to win one more world title before he retires, making him a triple world champion. Again, same as Vettel, I can’t see him winning more than that. Not only is there too much competition nowadays, but I can’t see Ferrari returning to the dominant force they were back in the early 2000′s anytime soon; at least not under Domenicali’s management. He’ll have to fight hard for his third WDC.

    I can’t see him winning another title again. I honestly can’t. He’s a good driver, but too many young drivers will won’t allow him to get the dominant success he had in early 2009.

    He’s only 26, but already very experienced, fast, talented, and overall a great driver. This year, China and Monaco yesterday he proved to me that he can be consistent while fighting for the win. I firmly believe he will be champion; and perhaps, I can honestly see him becoming a double world champion by the end of his career. Heck, I consider him a championship contender this year. He’s found his place at Mercedes, who are consistently improving as time rolls on.

    I can’t see Raikkonen winning another WDC, although he’ll probably win a few races before he officially retires in 2013. Schumacher will probably retire at the end of this year, due frustration most likely. It’s far too early in their career to judge most of the young guns today, although I must say I’m quite up-tight about Perez being the most promising/next big talent. However, I believe it’s far too early to judge, and only time will tell.

    Therefore, my guess would be:

    Vettel – 4
    Two more; in 2014 with Red Bull and in 2018 with Ferrari.
    Alonso – 3
    One more, this year.
    Hamilton – 3
    Two more, in 2015-16, both with Mercedes.
    Rosberg – 2
    In 2013 with Mercedes, and in 2017 with Mclaren.

    Of course, this is pure guesswork. Someone, save this comment so I can reflect on it 6-7 years from now!


    Webber can win a title, this year or next. It’s unlikely though.
    I think Alonso can produce another dominant Ferrari era with at least 3 more titles.
    Vettel can and will win as many titles as his car allows him to. I think Vettel will always need the best car, unlike Alonso.
    Hamilton will win at least one more title, but not for Mclaren.
    Rosberg will win at least 1 title, including 2013.
    Kimi can win at least another title. He’ll need a beast car though.
    diResta, Perez, Hulkenberg and Grosjean can all win titles, but it depends what path their careers take.

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