How should F1 mark the 1,000th world championship race this year?

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    The Chinese Grand Prix, which takes place on April 15th this year, will be the 1,000th race counting towards the world championship.

    We haven’t heard much yet about exactly how F1 intends to mark this occasion. So how would you do it? And what do you think of the choice of the Shanghai International Circuit as the venue for such an auspicious occasion?


    Print the winner’s name of every previous 999 races around the track from start to finish.

    Giuseppe Farina
    1950 Britain

    French Steve

    By publishing a mega-book with scans of race posters, race programmes covers, tickets, flyers, paddock passes… It would be awesome, isn’t it ?


    I don’t think China deserves the 1000th race as its not iconic.
    I went to the 500th in Adelaide and it was iconic (show how many more races they have now!!)

    Monaco? Its 6 weeks earlier than normal but that’s where the 1000th should be! Wont happen of course.


    @Garns Monaco is still a bit too cool for F1’s liking in April, so wouldn’t be worth it to temporarily move it there just for this reason.
    For @Keith Collantine BTW, April 14th is the race day this year, 15th served as that last year.


    An OK venue for this purpose, yes, it could be somewhere else as well, but SIC definitely is a decent choice of venue for it.


    My initial reaction was “no, China/Shanghai is not a good venue, with no proper heritage in terms of F1”, but then I started thinking back to the 500th race in Adelaide: I suppose it did capture the feeling, spirit, DNA, whatever you want to call it, of F1 back in 1990, and Shanghai is a track that (unfortunately?) does that in 2019.

    For the festivities:
    – I’d like to see all the living world champions gathered at the track
    – Some historic cars each from each decade or something
    – Something free/cheap for the fans at the track, like a free pitpass for everyone or something

    Ben Needham

    In the last few months a number of things fell into place meaning I am now going to the 1,000th Grand Prix; my first solo trip to a GP and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m expecting there will surely be some kind of additional festivities around the track over the weekend which would be great.

    Does China have no proper heritage? It’s been a regular fixture on the calendar for around 15 years and generally provides a good race. The fans don’t seem to have taken to it in the same way as (say) the Brazilians or Japanese, but I think it has earned it’s place.


    @ben-n sorry you have no friends mate, if I knew I would have joined you lol.
    Good point on China, it has been around a while, and I guess Adelaide was only in its 6th GP for the 500th (I think 1990?) but I guess I think everyone in F1 seemed to love the Grand Prix in Adelaide.

    Kalle as per above wants all living WDC there, that would be great but with Michael’s current condition that wont happen unfortunately, but a parade of the champions would be great.

    Jonty Beard

    Have the teams run historic liveries.
    Mercedes – Tyrrell P34
    Renault – Toleman TG184
    Ferrari – 312T (just Have chrome wings for the effect)
    Racing Point – Jordan 191 or EJ10
    Toro Rosso – Minardi M189
    Alfa Romeo – Old Sauber C13
    Williams – Saudi Air FW06
    McLaren – Some Pseudo MP4/4
    Red Bull – Sterwart SF01 or Jaguar 03

    Haas – Perhaps Andretti’s Lotus 77 for the USA link

    Ben Needham

    I’m really looking forward to being at the 1,000th* race. Are any other RaceFans going to be at the race? Would be great to meet up if so. I haven’t heard any news about what the event might feature in exception to the norm… I fully expect the race itself to be the same as usual, but I imagine there’ll be some exciting sideshows to entertain us!

    * Aware that there are discussions about whether this is really the 1,000th race… but F1 itself reckons it is, so I’ll go with that for now!


    I think a nice tribute to Charlie Whiting would do nicely, he was a mate of mine yet about 25 years younger than me.
    I knew he and Herbie well, they were mates and I think a nice tribute to them (Charlie) would be nice.


    I’m starting to get the feeling the 1000th race celebrations are going to be a let down. I follow F1 closely and apart from the countdown and a logo change I’ve seen nothing advertised for what should be a huge event…


    So now it’s all over, what did you think of it?

    I must admit I was expecting a bit more on the day – parade laps in old cars, that sort of thing.

    Ben Needham

    Honestly, I feel let down and cheated. The race itself wasn’t great, but that’s not something they can control (was half expecting a questionable Safety Car or something to spice it up, but glad nothing like that happened), so no problem there!

    They’ve been dressing this up for ages… “5 to 1000”, “this is race 998, 2 more to go”. I honestly expected a little more than hoards of signs saying 1000 and Damon Hill in a Lotus.

    Frankly, I think it was a huge missed opportunity. The weekend was flat, no atmosphere at the circuit. I hung on desperately waiting for the “1000” trophy to be brought out at the end… but no… regular trophy.

    I don’t know what I was expecting, but why hype it up so much if you’re not going to do anything with it. A shame; it could have been a memorable experience for so many.

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