How was this picture taken?!

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    Dan Thorn

    It could have been taken from a normal distance away, cropped and then edited to the jungle massive.

    Alternatively it could be a staged photo, but I really don’t know, so I’m gonna go with wizards.



    Damon’s confusing photo was clearly taken from somewhere directly above the track and slightly to the right (or left, from the camera’s POV).

    The picture couldn’t have been taken from either of the aerofoil shaped bridges because the angle is too high for one of them and the distance a bit extreme for the other.

    The verticle angle from the structure that holds the lights up looks about right, and since the photo was taken from just to the right hand side of the track, those black things next to the lights could be where the camera was placed.

    I’d say that Hare’s suggestion of a ridiculously high res image cropped to the 3 cars works, as the perspective wouldn’t be like that if a really long lens was used.


    Yeah you can tell it’s been zoomed in just look at the grid markings. The lights is probably where it was taken from.

    Well maybe not zoomed but taken from a distance and cropped.


    The correct term is focal length, zoom is when you change the focal length on a lens. Most of the big lenses can’t zoom as they are fixed focal length.

    The focal length of this one is probably 200mm or under, which would mean the photographer used a 70-200 zoom lens. To put focal length in perspective, a lens for normal use is 24-70mm, those big lenses you see at sports games are 300mm or 400mm plus. Some F1 photographers use 600mm or more.

    Now the angle it was taken looks like the photographer is standing in the middle of the track. Judging by the order the cars are in, I’d suggest that it was taken on the lap the cars do from the pits onto the grid. The grid is full of people anyway, the cars come in very slowly so it wouldn’t be suicidal to stand on the track while the car is passing. He’s just standing at the back of the grid, which is why only a couple of slots are visible.

    Stephen Jones

    could it have been from the back of the safety car?

    i was going to say one of those media runs, where they have a truck with cameras out on circuit.. but i doubt they’d do it in China.. with 3 different cars


    The focus fades normally and the width of the cars sits in perspective, so there wasn’t a lot of zoom applied here. It is a long-ish lense, taken from way back on the grid.

    note that he can be standing to the side and stick his arm out with his camera – you see photographers do that all the time to capture new perspectives (which he has achieved here)

    This would have been a lot easier if he didn’t scrub all his EXIF info from his images


    With a Camera!

    Kamui is practising ventriloquism with his new dummy

    Master firelee

    their is also one with a mclaren on this page



    Judging from the other photo I think it probably is, as many others have said, a photo taken on thelap round to the grid, as the cars are in a strange order, and it doesn’t look very ‘zoomed’. Also, If you look at the angle both the cars are travelling neither of them are dead head on, they are at a slight angle, as if they are going to the side of the photographer.


    The McLaren one is even more obviously not zoomed. But I’m not sure they’re lining up for the grid, as Hamilton is crossing the timing line (finish line) and there appear to be too many grid boxes empty for this to be the case. I’d expect to see hundreds of people in the picture…


    You can see that Lewis is even looking directly at the photographer, probably thinking “WTF is he doing, I hope I don’t hit him”


    But how come there is no one else on the grid then?


    maybe they’re in the back of a photographer car/van?

    I’m thinking a bit like how they take those close air shots of fighter jets from the back of a transport aircraft…


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