How will you cope with the F1 off-season?

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    Somehow I have not been able to stop thinking about F1 so far. So I have been reading F1 news, magazines, and F1F 2014 season review articles. I was even watching the 2005 season review yesterday! I guess I will hibernate in January…

    I think I am going to watch some winter sports on TV, too. I particularly like bobsleigh and I am a big fan of Steven Holcomb’s team.

    Lately I have also been reading Matthew Mitcham’s “Twists and Turns”, it is a very inspirational sports story.

    James McGrenery

    I’m still catching up with all the racing series I haven’t had a chance to keep up with throughout the season. I ignore the results of categories I’m not actively following in defense against the off-season, so that I have racing to watch in the winter. Still got DTM, V8 Supercars and BTCC on the go at the moment. Plus, as mentioned before, if you look hard enough there is current racing to be found during the winter.


    I will cry a little and count down the days to the next season like every year for the last 20 years



    Mehtab Ahmed

    I follow a bunch of other sports as NBA, NFL, football and so on.

    Neel Jani

    Well off season provides me with an opportunity to catch up on some of the series that usually i miss out during the season. I watched F3, GP3 and also rewind on WEC and Formula 1 DVDs. Waiting for my 2014 blu ray though.


    F1 video games, mostly, and whatever F1 videos I stumble upon on YouTube. Plus F1F, obviously.
    Come to think about it now, I still have a YT rip of 2011 Canadian Grand Prix on my computer that I stopped watching shortly before the restart, time to see the rest of it!


    Just watched all the Mario Muth RAW interview series on Youtube. If you have not seen, please do so, asap. You will not be dissappointed. So far he has done Murray Walker, Gary Harstein (former f1 doc), Darren Heath (photog) Coulthard, Maurice Hamilton and Derek Warwick. Muths style of interview is fabulous, the people just speak. The Warwick interview is the best racing driver interview I think I have ever seen.

    Also getting caught up on the F1 Legends series from Sky.

    Gonna try digging around and finding DTM from this year, I realized, I don’t know who won the title! so could be fun. Finding them with english commentary was a challenge in the past though.


    Mostly playing Race 07 with its add ons for the pc


    Interesting that no-one has mentioned Autocourse on this thread. I might read some of the ones I have (I have eight of them, mostly from the 80s and 90s). I know they are very expensive, I don’t intend to buy this year’s one!

    Although I’d love to buy the 2009 edition. I’m going to keep looking on eBay and amazon to see if anyone is selling one cheaply!



    Personally I’m coping with planning my F1 jaunts for 2015! Starting with the 1st test in jerez in February. Need to plant that money tree in back garden as we’ll!


    F1 games, NFL Playoffs, 2009 season review, Emmo’s new book and the KP Autobiography should keep me entertained. And don’t forget the cricket!


    F1f, YouTube videos that I haven’t seen and a bit of toblerone in front of big bash cricket not to forget playing f1 games


    Reading up on the technical challenges that await the teams, and the constant rumours about which team will improve the most and which team will be in trouble. All for the ranking order to be re-shuffeled in testing, and then re-shuffeled again before the first GP. I just love reading technical analyses about F1, even though some part is pure speculation. Also I really enjoy watching the Dakar rally.

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