How will you watch F1 in 2019?

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    Keith Collantine

    A quick question for F1 fans on RaceFans: How will you watch Formula 1 next year?

    There are many changes going on in F1 broadcasting at the moment. F1 TV appeared this year but got off to a shaky start. Meanwhile live free-to-air coverage of F1 continues to disappear from many major markets, notably the UK in 2019.

    Will you continue to watch F1 races live next year? How will you do it (and where in the world are you?) Will you switch to watching highlights instead of live races?


    I live in Holland so I watch it on Ziggo together with a friend.

    I’ll try the official F1 streaming as well now it comes to my country.

    Still 85 days, I can’t wait


    It’ll be Now TV Week Passes for me. If F1 TV was available in the UK, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. Nothing against Sky or the service they offer, having had some Sky services before I know that our household doesn’t watch enough TV to justify the amount you have to spend to get access to Sky Sports F1.


    Via “illegal” Acestreams found all over the Internet. If there seems to be a problem with those then F1 TV with a VPN shall be it.


    Watching in Belgium, on Channel 4. Will continue to watch C4 (even if no longer any live races). Might try F1TV.


    Probably going to use now TV to get sky if it’s reasonable. Would like to support channel 4 but even with the less entertaining races I can’t stand missing parts in highlights.


    Until the broadcast is available in Japan win English commentary then I’ll either find a stream online or watch the highlights on YouTube.
    DAZN is available here, but it’s limited to Japanese audio only.
    With the F1 quickly disappearing from free to air I find myself much more preoccupied in football than F1, which is a shame since I’ve been an avid fan since 2000.

    Alianora La Canta

    Channel 4 highlights, possibly with Twitter/Radio 5 Live support if I really can’t stand the wait (the highlights lead time is sometimes a problem). I watch with my family, and even if they could afford Sky, my parents cannot stand how Sky presents and commentates their coverage.


    F1TV, same as 2018.


    The same way as before, so nothing’s going to change on my side.


    I’ve always watched on BBC/C4 for Ben Edwards commentary. I’ll probably watch as many as I on c4 but I’ll watch some sky f1 races live

    Ben Rowe

    I’m a bit unsure how i will watch F1 next year. I don’t have room for a big TV in my room so I’ve always relied on a monitor that I use with my PC. For TV stuff, I’ve always used a freeview HD box. That has soon ended in terms of live F1 now. For the non live races this year, I’ve paid for a nowtv week pass and connected a nowtv box to my monitor. I get really frustrated that it keeps not working properly. I’m guessing that it is only supposed to work with TVs. They really do try to limit the devices compatibility.

    I noticed that at the beginning of this season, i noticed sky offered a 9 months pass for £150 which i didn’t think was too bad compared to the previous prices. But as i could watch half of the races , qualifying and practice sessions life on channel 4 this year, it wasn’t worth getting that as it would result in being about £50 more. It will be incredibly frustrating if they don’t offer that again this year now it is exclusively on Sky F1. I get the feeling that if they don’t, it will just be because they know more people will buy their stuff anyway because there is not no other legal way to watch everything live in the UK.

    All this said, The line up team on Sky is really poor IMO. I’ve often skipped the sky practice sessions because they are so painful with crofty. As he often talks about what he ate the other night rather than what is on screen. Ben Edwards on Channel 4 just stays on topic and sounds so much more enthusiastic. I hope Channel 4 continue doing highlights, but I wish sky would use their commentary team and merge the rest of the line up.

    I expect I will get this £150 9 month deal if they do it next year. But sky is sometimes so disappointing that I may regret it if i do. I may get to the point of either watching the freeview highlights at the time or watch it later as a recording.


    Foxtel subscription- here in Australia only real option if you want proper coverage and access. Its $AUD60 per month for my package.

    Will use F1TV for seeing older races & practice sessions highlights etc (I haven’t accessed this yet to see if the achieves are worth while) I do like to watch all practice sessions but sometimes with time it gets too hard.

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