How would Lewis Hamilton have changed if…

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    He had won the title in 2007?
    He didn’t win the title in 2007 & 2008?
    If he’d of won the title in 2010 on top of 2008?


    1 – I think he would be an absolutely spoilt brat who thinks he was the absolute best driver in the world without question; with an even bigger sense of entitlement.
    2 – I think he’d feel he was unlucky; but it was only his first two years – I think he would just continue fighting for the title.
    3 – I don’t think he would change any if he won the 2010 title; in that he would drive like he did for 2008 – kind of still be “crash or win.”


    1. He’d be like his is now but worse.
    2. Even worse than the first point
    3. Less frustration, but I think he’d still get into trouble a bit because it is Lewis.


    @Slr surely; he was either disillusioned by having too much success too early; or by not getting success? I think the outcomes of points 1 and 2 are mutually exclusive.


    1) He wouldn’t of been as motivated in the next year I feel and wouldn’t fight as hard.
    2) If he didn’t win we would be seeing Lewis fighting for everything.
    3)He would have his agents to push him into every advert possible and start a cologne range and then a movie role. He would be hungry for more I think.


    1) He may have been more calm and collected the following year, winning him 2 championships in his first 2 seasons.
    2) Felt victimised (assuming spa 08 still happened), either more desperate or more determined in 2010.
    3) Would have had a less dodgy 2011.


    @matt90 I actually think if he won 2 in a row; he’d just continue driving the way it is. In his mind he would probably be thinking “I’ll just do whatever I’m doing now. It’s working!”


    Honestly, I don’t think he would have changed at all.

    Of course he has changed since 2007 but you can’t expect every driver to be as relaxed as Jenson Button or Sebastian Vettel. Everyone is different in the way the react to public pressure and success.
    From fans persepective I guess, he (Hamilton) will have changed in a “negative” way.

    On his driving:

    No, he has always been the Senna type; all or nothing.
    I just think it was a bad season this year, as Timo Glock said on the Flying Lap, if things go wrong they mostly go wrong from the start to the end of the season.


    1. He’d be very spoiled, he would get into more accidents than he already did in 2011.

    2. He’d be terrible and feel extremely unlucky.

    3. I think he would be less furious, and make less mistakes.


    Here’s another good question; How would Lewis Hamilton have changed if he won the title in 2007, 2008, and 2010 – and he was already a triple champion in four years?


    Multiply your reply to number 1 by 10; and you have my answer to your question. Lol.

    On a side note. I think we’re seeing 3 different ways that the drivers deal with success. Button and Vettel now seem to have an inner peace within them. They’ve got the confidence of knowing they have the ability to be a world champ; and their doubts are erased.

    You have the Kimi/Lauda type. (I’ve had success already. So why should I do it again? Niki famously said after his 3rd title that he felt he was just repeating what he did the year before)

    And you have the Hamilton type – “I’ve won; I’ve achieved the title; so obviously I’m doing it the right way.”


    Button and Vettel now seem to have an inner peace within them. They’ve got the confidence of knowing they have the ability to be a world champ; and their doubts are erased.

    I agree on Button but I don’t agree on Vettel.

    I think when things start going wrong with Vettel, he doesn’t seem to be that calm, as we saw in 2010.
    I know we didn’t see this in 2011 but he did have a strong car last year and I think it applies to most drivers that when they are in a strong car they have more confidence.


    @powderfinger you sure you’ve read my whole post? I’m talking of how the drivers react AFTER winning their first title. “As we saw in 2010” doesn’t count as Vettel hadn’t won his title yet then. Put Vettel back in a situation like 2010 and I think you’ll find he’s a very different driver.

    Both Button and Vettel have also said that this is what they think has happened.

    Younger Hamii

    It’s virtually impossible to look at the past and say ‘what if’. The lesson of these scenarios(2) in life is to learn from your mistakes and move forward,becoming stronger as an individual. As much as i would envy Lewis being a triple champion in his first four seasons in F1 we all have to accept that these accomplishments not happening is for a reason. All i can say is regardless of those scenarios occurred or not, Lewis would still be Lewis; in terms of his determination,driving style and personality.

    In fact im going to do a topic and will be a successor to this one.


    @powderfinger, @raymondu999 – If 2010 showed Vettel not being calm (when after all, it was his composure in the final 6 races that won him the title), it’s worth noting Button’s drop in performance in 2009, where Barrichello started outscoring him.

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