Hungaroring to be revised to aid overtaking?


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    This Hungarian-language article appears to indicated changes are being considered at the Hungaroring to improve opportunities for overtaking.


    The track was previously altered in 2003 for the same reason.


    Yes make the run to the hairpin a kilometer long and it should be all good! :P


    Basicly it says: Gyulay might sit down with Eclestone at AbuDhabi, maybe to negotiate about the rings future after 2016. And Gyulay said: Resurfacing might not be enough, … the main project will be resurfacing, changing the kerbs, creating better sound protection for the villages, and changing the track layout. He said, that by their rough estimates, it could be done with less than 3 million GBP.

    Briony Dixon

    Have been to the Hungaroring for the last 3 seasons and think it’s a great track. Any changes to allow more overtaking will make it even better, and anything that keeps it on the calendar is a positive.


    Sure thing @keithcollantine

    I remember this article, the suggestions came from Wéber Gábor (WTCC driver, Michelisz’s teammate last year, also the commentator of the F1 TV broadcast), and if I remember correctly @atticus-2 posted this in the forum at that time.

    In the article he says:

    “We have a finite number of options because of the terrain and the lack of space. I wouldnt touch the combination after the chicane, its technical and challenging, the track would lose some of its essence, moreover it would be a lot shorter. It would be possible, to expand the circuit moving inward, but it would require a lot of logging (chopping trees), it wouldnt give mutch more space, and it is not preferable from the view of environmental protection. After turn 2 it would be possible to extend the rundown to Mansell (turn 4), but there wouldnt be more overtakes, moreover it is a charasteristic, ‘traditional’ turn too, it would be a shame to lose it.
    In my opinion, we should think about the part after Mansell, the left side of the track near or at the drive-in-movie. I would turn the trace sharply down with a combinaton or a short straight. From there to the right again, so I would turn upward with a straight, which either would end in a hairpin or a turn simmilar to T14 in Sepang. The point would be to guide the track down to the left and then up-right back to the original trace, in a way that allows different lines: one should be able to try an out-brake maneuver, but the car on the inside should be in a disadvantage on the – now longer – rundown to the chicane.

    The other, longer versions lower-right part could be a long righthander, with a fast entry but sharper exit, or a long fast S curve, like on the new part of Silverstone, where the drivers enter with high speed but can make different lines work.

    Both additions would end at the chicane, creating a plus overtaking opportunity. I think the runoff area could be extended if neccessary, but thy chicane could be moved too.”

    I think his ideas are valid, but he drives touring cars, so there is a difference between his experiences and his idea of ideal overtaking spots compared to F1. He was overtaken at the chicane this year by Michelisz but he lifted to let Norbi through, and it was still narrow at a mutch lower speed, so it might be a good idea to either lose the chicane and have the drivers to drive more carefully (because the lack of runoff), or widen the chicane too.


    If that piece of land behind turn 5 really is available, they could simply do this: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5753257

    It would make turn 4 much more important and there would be three overtaking opportunities: one after a slow, a medium and a fast corner. This would be very interesting, because if there’s a faster car behind he has three different options to overtake on the lap and at least one of them should be good, depending on how much traction he has.



    I think it really depends on the moey. I really hope they have or will have the resources to add a whole new section, but nothing is sure at the moment. In Abu Dhabi there was only a formal agreement, no contract if there will be a contract signed it wont be beforethe race of 2013. And it depends on the plans of the new section and medical centre. If all goes to plan the new surface will be layed before next years GP and the new section should be ready for 2014.

    But a more important thing which we cant see on these drawings are the elevation changes. On Webers drawings where his two versions meet at the left, would be the lowest point of the section dropping 16 meters from the staring point (after t4) than it would be 35 metres up to the chicane. On your version the hairpin would be the lowest point, about 8 meters lower than the start of the section, and it would also go up at least 30 metres before the chicane.


    @bag0 For me it’s not even necessary tbh, I like this little track as it is and it adds some much-needed contrast to the calendar.

    I saw that drop using gmap’s elevation feature, I think it would be brilliant: the braking zone before the new hairpin would be extra long because of it and differences in traction would also be magnified by the climb towards the chicane.



    Think of the trees!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’ve seen that revision Keith posted on the Autosport forums. It was probably a few weeks ago now, but I was under the impression it was a fan design.


    Nope, it was Wébers suggestion.

    Hivatalos terveket még nem közöltek az érintettek,
    megkérdeztük Wéber Gábor túrakocsi-versenyzőt, a WTCC-s Zengő Motorsport BMW-

    Roughly translated version: The official plans has not yet been released, but we asked Wéber Gábor (Zengő Motorsport BMW’s driver //WTCC, touring car, tv commentator, something to make it more credible, etc.)


    @bag0 I thought it was something like that but couldn’t make much sense of the translation. Thanks very much.

    Are Hungarian first and second names swapped around? I thought I’d heard him referred to as Gabor Weber before.



    Any time.

    Are Hungarian first and second names swapped around?

    I guess you could say that, but for me the british names are swapped :) But yes, family name (second) comes first then all your forenames in the order of usage (Usually). I mean I have two firstnames, Peter and Zoltan, but in hungarian my name is Varga (family) Péter(most used) Zoltán (barely used) I guess in english it would be something like Peter Z. Varga.

    About Weber, well, yes usually any driver will be referred in that manner, as Michelisz Norbert is called Norbert Michelisz, or Kiss Pál Tamás is referred Tamas Kiss Pal, and sometimes the commentators turn the whole thing around and Kiss Pál Tamás becames Tamas Pal Kiss (wrong, as his family name is Kiss Pál). You should take a note, I realy hope that a) you will have some TV time with F 3.5 and b) you have to use Kiss Pál’s name a lot next year.


    was there in 2010, great venue, I was sitting silver at Danubius, by the chicane and for all the noise it looked like a Vettel train, god fun though.. as for the changes, protecting the villagers from noise? these things don’t stand up to the v12 s I saw in Canada in 92′, easily tolerable without hearing protection (could have been the blown diffusers), I didn’t even hear them till i got close to the track.. money would be better spent on paving and modifying the circuit, though I would have to re examine the circuit to give relevant data on it .. anyone who wished to discuss it, feel free to message me, I look forward to your input.. Its a great venue, and affordable ( go get good tickets for monza, youll know what I mean).. and a great web site.. happy to be here.. sharing my passion

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