“I note the blatant racism of your site…”


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    We get loads of great, interesting, informed comments from readers on F1 Fanatics and I get a lot of positive feedback via email as well.

    But not all of it is quite so complimentary. This hilarious blend of massive hostility and pig ignorance appeared in my inbox yesterday:

    I note the blatant racism of your site when you mention Lewis Hamilton ,after
    Nico Rosbeg, as if Hamilton is a secondary driver to one race in 3 years driver Rosberg.What racism.On your site you mention Vettal first before Webber.
    You mention Alonso before Massa.You mention Kimi Rikonen before Grosjean.
    You are so racist.The sad thing is you dont even know that your being racist because everyone and his dog around the world know that Hamilton is far superior to Rosbeg.Just look at the fact that Hamilton usually outqualifys Rosbegrg, and Rosberg have never been world champion.

    It’s clear from the email the person in question (who I won’t embarrass by naming) hasn’t noticed that the list of drivers they’re referring to (such as here) is simply ordered by the driver numbers as published by the FIA:




    Piotr Koteryl

    Wow…that is depressingly over-zealous!

    Also, I am always amazed when people don’t bother to check their spelling before posting (sorry, I’m a bit of a walking dictionary), so the mix of ignorance and illiteracy here makes for amusing reading!

    Tommy C

    So it is the FIA who is racist! :)


    Wow… That’s just brilliant!


    Come on, that has to be a troll. No way it’s serious…


    Did the lunatic/troll find any other examples?


    Massa being mentioned after Alonso is clearly a sign that Keith hates short people.


    @keithcollantine the person has to be a WUM, surely? :P


    Damn…. that guy really has issues… I have sent emails like that in the past but not over racism…. more in the lines of dictatorship but not racism… I would love to guess the nationality of this person but that would probably make him signal me out as racist as well…. hahahahaha


    Lol oh dear, some people…


    Surely they are trollin’


    I also noticed that in today’s round-up header, ‘Pirelli’ is mentioned before ‘Red Bull’, which obviously implies Keith takes Pirellis side on this matter. Even in Keith’s very first article, ‘Bernie’ is mentioned before ‘game’, which implies that Keith believes that Bernie is in fact more than just a game. It’s all so obvious now ;)


    In the article about team orders not only at Mercedes and Red Bull, RBR are mentioned first. This means that Keith believes and supports Helmut Marko’s claims and not Hamilton’s.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Just look at the fact that Hamilton usually outqualifys Rosbegrg, and Rosberg have never been world champion.

    I find it hilariously contradictory that being mentioned second when you have greater achievements is considered “racism” when the author accuses you of being racist even when you mention other drivers second when they have lesser achievements compared to their team-mates.

    So if it is racist to mention Hamilton after Rosberg when Hamilton has been World Champion and Rosberg has not, then how is mentioning Massa after Alonso equally racist when Alonso has been World Champion and Massa has not?

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