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    Fantasy time.

    Call me Mr. Moneybags, I have money seeping out of every pore lol.

    So i own FOM and formula 1 in general

    i and my team split the FIA into formula 1 and all other motorsports
    and we run all aspects of F1 including all the rules

    I and my team head the World Motor Sports Council, so we can make
    sure all rules and penalties are enforced properly

    I buy all the tracks used/to be used in F1, or buy the rights to run races.
    for example street tracks

    All tracks get paid by FOM to stage F1 races, not the other way around.

    all 13 teams will be paid by Fom to run in the F1 championships from a
    fund. Averaging about £300m each. This is to pay for maintenance of the
    cars, engines, gearboxes etc…Drivers and team personnel paid for by

    4 4 day tests before start of season, with test days after selected Grands
    Prix during the season.

    Unlimited engines and gearboxes etc… during the season And no
    penalties for changing these parts on the car.
    Engine capacity upto teams to decide what they all want, and no restriction
    on revs

    Rear wing widened slightly and the front wing reduced to the area
    between the front wheels.

    as much aero taken off the bodywork and wings as possible

    Traction control, active suspension, abs, F-duct style technology allowed

    4 tyre manufacturers
    back in the sport, supplying all four types of tyre (super soft, soft,
    medium and hard) and 2 types of intermediate and 2 types of full wet tyres
    for each team per weekend. If it rains then both types of inters or wets to
    be used
    the manufacturers can make the tyres as hard or as soft as they
    like within tolerances. I’m sure different drivers will prefer
    different types of tyre so will be faster at different stages of a
    all 4 types of tyre to be used during the race
    Each tyre manufacturer to supply to 3 teams each in a lottery, and one
    manufacturer to supply 4 teams
    each tyre compound would be different colours, for example
    super soft (yellow), soft (blue), medium (red) and hard (orange).
    And as the tyres wear down you would be able to see the wear
    rate as the colour fades

    prize money for each event will be paid as usual, however the Constructor
    Championship prize money (normally paid the following season) will be
    paid after each event

    all penalties to be given during the race, and not considered later
    after the race has finished.

    FOM will be the broadcaster for all events, but allowing each countries
    television broadcaster access to choose when they want to show replays
    etc…. and All team radio will be broadcast at the discretion of the
    commentators for each country. Tv companies will not have to pay as much
    to broadcast the races

    maximum of 2 engine supplies from each engine manufacturer,
    for example Mercedes would supply their own team and one other
    Renault the same, ferrari the same etc.. Maybe then Toyota,
    Peugeot, Porsche etc… will come to F1

    fuel will have a minimum amount to be put in the car, say at least
    10 kg’s left in the tank after the race
    the drivers should be able to drive as fast and safely as they can
    without having to slow to save fuel and tyres etc…

    all edges of the tracks and run off areas shall be made to slow the
    cars down, like gravel traps

    drivers helmets will have had studies to see if the visor area
    can be made to be open further back on the head to allow
    better peripheral vision ( not even sure if this is possible on safety

    If a safety car is deployed then none of the lapped cars can be
    allowed to join the back of the pack. If drivers have several lapped
    cars between them, then TOUGH deal with it

    everyone’s cars will have the drivers names on their cars, like
    Mclaren used to do. maybe large letters on the nose cone, or on the engine

    Teams would not have to pay to participate in Formula 1

    Ticket prices would be much lower

    I would open a website to allow people to purchase race dvd’s etc… and not
    be a pain about people watching and uploading F1 stuff

    Telemetry can be used to receive and send information to and from the car
    this is the 21st century and the cars should show this, not return the cars to
    seem like they are from the 50’s

    Drivers have button to press when coming in pits to tell the team and race
    director. If team comes out and no driver comes in then drive through penalty
    for both drivers. This is for sporting and safety reasons. Let’s see how many
    teams try a bluff on other teams with that penalty.

    DRS will be available all the time except in the wet. Let’s see how many
    drivers use it more than others

    Should i pay the Track marshalls?

    each team can only have 7 mechanics in the pitlane during a pitstop

    I would have many races on a rotation over 2 seasons, and i have an example based on 2014.2015 seasons. I tried my best to reduce the amount of races, (it was hard), to 21 races per season. I did start with 25 races each season. Also I have moved MONACO back a week to try somehow to accomodate INDY 500 into the F1 season. I don’t really know how that would work. Maybe you guys have good ideas on that.

    2014 2015

    2014 mar 9th texas austin 2015 mar 15th texas austin
    1 week 1 week
    2014 mar 16th my track nevada 2015 mar 22nd my track nevada
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 mar 30th mexico autodromo 2015 April 05 brazil sao paolo
    hermanos rodriguez
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 apr 13th argentina autodromo 2015 April 19 south africa kyalami
    juan y oscar galvez
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 apr 27th canada gilles villeneuve 2015 may 3rd canada gilles villeneuve
    1 week 1 week
    2014 may 4th new jersey 2015 may 10th new jersey
    3 weeks with indy 500 qualifying 3 weeks with indy 500 qualifying
    2014 may 25th 2015 indy 500 may 31st indy 500
    1 week 1 week
    2014 jun 1st monaco 2015 jun 7th monaco
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 jun 15th portugal estoril 2015 jun 21st spain ciudad del del ge motor aragon
    1 week 1 week
    2014 jun 22nd france magny cours 2015jun 28th france paul ricard possible track circuit de la sarthe
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 jul 6th belgium spa 2015 jul 12th holland circuit park zandvoort
    1 week 1 week
    2014 jul 13th britain silverstone 2015 jul 19th britain donnington
    3 week summer break 3 week summer break
    2014 aug 3rd finland build new circuit 2015 aug 9th austria a1 ring
    1 week 1 week
    2014 aug 10th germany hockenheim 2015 aug 16th germany nurburgring
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 aug 24th italy monza 2015 aug 30th italy imola
    1 week 1 week
    2014 aug 31st hungary hungaroring 2015 sep 6th turkey istanbul park
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 sep 14th russia sochi olympic park circuit 2015 sep 20th china shanghai international circuit
    1 week 1 week
    2014 sep 21st japan suzuka 2015 sep 27th japan fuji
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 oct 5th korea international circuit 2015 oct 11th singapore marina bay
    2 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 oct 19th abu dhabi 2015 oct 25th india buddh international circuit
    3 weeks 2 weeks
    2014 nov 9th australia melbourne 2015 nov 6th australia adelaide

    I hate having 5 weeks for the summer break, so i have made it 3 weeks. Maybe the teams need to hire more team personnel to allow more time off.

    Right over to you guys to see what you think and get your ideas???????


    Some good ideas in there. Love the idea about the website, and DRS, although I’d be fine with a KERS style rule (for a set amount of time per lap/race, regardless of where the car in front is).

    With the tyres, I would love for the teams to choose which tyres they want to bring before each race (I.e, 2 sets of hards, 5 mediums, 0 softs, 1 super soft etc). That way it won’t increase costs for pirelli (if they have a limit, say 50 sets of each per season etc), and would introduce loads more variety in strategy.

    Also, sorry but I don’t like your pit-button idea. I think its fine the way it is now – they’re not allowed to wait in the pit lane lap after lap.
    And penalty for both drivers? Let’s be honest, everyone knows Webber would have hit that button in Brazil last year to get Seb a penalty.


    @ minnis

    Thanks for ur comments m8

    I should have been more detailed with each part. I would be mega rich and pay for all the tyre/tires myself so no extra cost to the manufacturers or the teams.

    As for the pit button idea, same again i should have been clearer. The button is for each driver so the teams would know it was webber and not vettel, as would the race director. I feel too may teams have their guys in the pits when they are not needed, and get in the way and it is not safe.



    Good luck trying to run this business, would be lucky to get half way through the season.


    @f199player. Why would I struggle?



    Because you are putting a lot of money into this with no real income and also teams costs are going to far exceed the amount you are offering unless they get major sponsors. You want loads of engine manufactor to come in with rules that don’t appeal to them



    Please describe how you would run F1?

    Most teams now spend appoximately $300m not £300m and they have to pay for Everything. My way they don’t pay for engines or tyres or gearboxes or pretty much anything on the car.

    As for engine suppliers, what rules would put them off

    As for not running the sport for very long, as i said right at the beginning i would be mega rich, with so much money i could run F1 as a hobby.

    I’m glad for your input, please give me more.



    You’ll be trying to spent far too much money with no way of bringing in money, asking the fans to pay less so less money comes in, Paying circuits to host races. Unlimited Engines and Gearboxes, using the Renault V10 from 2005 as an example cost $150,000-$200,000 and with 3 practices, qualifying and race you could be looking at approx $1 million in engines alone for one car and you are looking for 26 car grids, also looking to do 21 races per season, thats way too much money and no business person would be willing to put so much money into a business that loses money


    @f199player. Talk about missing the point. I did say fantasy time



    Even in fantasy time i wouldn’t think for these, no disrespect but its stupid ideas



    That’s fine i did this thread for a bit of fun, nothing serious.



    its good to talk about ideas


    dafuq did I just read?





    Why would anyone want to run a series where they lose a couple billion dollars a year?

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