If you could change a single situation in F1 history…

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    Omar R

    Here I’m trying to start a “WHAT IF” list; If you could change a single situation in F1 history (and of course then you can comment on what you think could have happened) what would it be?
    For example I think many are going to say “Senna’s death”, and so much I liked Senna but I think his death sparked the current F1 safety. Something less critical but also important could be to have Massa without the Hungary’s practice accident, or for Alonso fans, probably you would have changed the outcome of AbuDhabi 2010.
    About me? I would have changed Spa 2008, I would have liked so much seeing Kimi win that one (no matter who could have finally become a champion in Interlagos).
    Let’s see what’s on your minds.

    nerf u

    wow, i would say JV signing with Honda.One of the biggest let downs in my world:(

    Bradley Downton

    Have to go with the obvious answer of Senna’s death I’m afraid, despite how many further deaths it could have caused had it not happened.


    I would say in Interlagos 2008, if it hadn’t rained much and Glock could have driven the last lap with his slicks. It would have been interesting to see how that would have affected both Massa and Hamilton.


    I would’ve dried up China’s pit lane entry in 2007.

    Boxcar Racer

    Senna. If he was still around you have to wonder what he would have achieved.


    i would permanently ban wings and ground effects in the late 60’s


    There were some interesting championship deciders in Adelaide. Nigel Mansell’s tyre blowout, of course, but also Schumi running into Hill in 1994. Would 1995 have been better for Hill as champion, or worse?


    My first choice would be someone not dying instead of dying, be it Senna, Peterson, Gilles, Cevert, von Trips, or whoever else.

    My other choice, a recent one, would be Vettel not allowed to race in 2011. Of course I’d feel sorry for him and it’d be a shame that a season would unfold without the reigning world champion, but – the season would be even more awesome without him.


    Much though it made Brazil thrilling, I’d change the stewarding decision at Spa 2008. F1 often infuriates me, but that was ridiculous and made me considering leaving the sport had Hamilton lost the title as a result.


    I would have gone with Vettel not crashing at Fuji, so he could get a podium, but then Kimi wouldn’t have amassed enough points to win the title.

    I’ll go for the race at the Nurburgring not being red flagged, and Marcus Winkelhock having a huge lead before the track dried out.


    If I could I would prevent the 1955 Le Mans disaster from happening & save 83 lives.
    Also Mercedes would have stayed in F1 & no way of knowing how that would have changed things.


    I would’ve held up a giant umbrella on top of the Interlagos circuit during the final lap of the 2008 Brazilian GP.


    Webber crashing in Korea in 2010, absolutely heart-breaking. He was in a great position that he won’t be in again and I’d say I’m going to be waiting a long time to see an Australian win the title.


    This year is not over yet & keep an eye on Riciardo.

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