In-season testing: Hungary

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    Hi all,

    I tried to search the forums on my phone in case a topic was already made but nothing came up; so, sorry if this is a double post! Please direct me to any live posts if so.

    I just finished the very hot but fun Hungarian GP and should have access to the in-season tests being done on 1/2 August. I’m staying in Budapest for the time being but other than sort-of knowing how to the track I know nothing else.

    Is there anyone with experience about visiting testing, specifically the Hungarian one?
    I’d love to meet up with fellow fans to be able to have a chat and maybe share a cab if possible, anyone?
    Anyone know the time schedule? What time should I be there to maybe even catch a driver entering the gates? Or else just to see the testing, of course.

    I hope I will be allowed a covered seat at least; as it’s going to be even hotter in 2 days than during the race!

    Thank you very much in advance for any advice or feedback!
    Kind regards,
    Marissa / Xaverri

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