India changing their Kerbs…shame

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    Massa is getting more and more annoying with this. He should admit that he made a mistake. Sincerely, I thought that he was being a bit dum riding again and again over those kerbs, when nobody else did that.

    Thank you Massa, you just may have screwed up an amazing track, that punished drivers that make mistakes!


    @dpod what I meant was, super high inside kerbs that no drier would even think of cutting given how high it is.


    I just want to add in my two bobs worth. Ultimately a driver is allowed to make a mistake, and if they do, the track should not punish them by putting them into a potentially dangerous situation. Have your suspension break because you missed your apex is very extreme in my opinion.

    Granted that Massa is clearly not hitting his apex regularly enough, and others are, but surely there should be other ways to stop drivers from cutting corners other than having a suspension destroying kerb… If it happens once, it might be considered a fluke, but if it happens twice, in the one race weekend, on debut, surely this has to ring alarm bells for safety concerns.



    Oh yes, that would work well too, if not better than my idea. I just realized that comment now, sorry.


    As the suspension only broke for one driver, can we be sure that it is the track at fault, and not the car.
    I’m sure that during the whole w/end others must have hit the orange kerbs and didn’t break there suspension.

    Therefore it is quite reasonable to assume the suspension on that car was weak and the driver didn’t take enough care, or hasn’t the skill.


    I agree with @ajokay There needs to be track then not track, get rid of the acres of tarmac at the edge of the track. Having slippery grass or turf on the edge seems a far better solution.

    Regarding the curbs, I like them. They only affected one driver and was at least some punishment, although maybe a dnf is a bit harsh, all the other drivers managed to avoid them.


    I also think that, instead of having kerbing changed because it damages the cars who run over them too often the FIA should get the GPDA together and make it clear that the track runs inside the white lines as @ajokay proposes.

    If Kerbing is needed to make sure that works, OK but make it a slower if you use them and extremely slow if you go even over those. Otherwise whats the purpose of defining a track. Maybe what @raymondu999 proposes can help (although you might have to look at the risk of launching a car up in the air if things go wrong)


    How about removing Massa from the grid..


    I do agree though, seems a rash move. There are better ways.


    @raymondu999 THats called a wall, they have them in Monaco. No-one cuts the corners there.


    @ajokay that’s horribly over exaggerating my comment. You only need a kerb which goes high steeply; so that it will hit the front wing before it hits the front tyres. Take for example the kerbs at the Nouvelle chicane and the Piscine chicane


    Remember when they had those bendy plastic bollards, wasn’t it usually Massa who always removed them.


    @w-k They had those at Spa in 2001, and it was Jenson Button who broke his wing and crashed on them.


    Didn’t Lewis wipe out a few bollards at Abu dhabi last year?


    Keep in mind that this wasn’t a case of Massa hitting it once and that’s it. Those suspension are made to take punishment and if the Ferraris are breaking after one thump on a curb that low, then they’ve got some problems. The reason I support these curbs staying is because it *does* take repeated transgressions until you wear the car out. This is no different than preserving tires. Do you keep laying down lap after lap to get some quick ones in or do you play it safe and avoid the curbs? Or do you just build a stronger car?

    Also, I understand a broken suspension is dangerous, yes, but notice that that area has plenty of run-off. Not to mention clipping the inside and breaking the suspension on that side means that the weight will not be on that wheel and does not mean an immediate spin. The driver will be able to control the accident to a much greater degree.

    Yes, we cannot be so bloodthirsty as to desire crashes, but we DO need SOMETHING to dissuade how far the drivers dip their wheels off the course. That is the purpose of a curb. They keep cars from kicking more dust and dirt onto the track while defining an edge which says “you can take your car no farther than this.”

    Adam Last

    Something I just noticed…….
    F1 Fanatic rated the Indian GP as 5.554. The yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi is 5.554 kilometers long. Pretty funny, eh?

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