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    Omar R

    Kimi's last lap in Germany 2005
    I just watched the video of the last 2 laps of that race in Germany when Kimi lost and Alonso inherited the lead (and clearly the championship got to him because of this race, plus McLaren’s fragile car).

    Then I remembered Alonso was also the one who inherited the lead when Seb’s car was on fire in Korea 2010, and then again when Seb retired in Valencia 2012 – well, he had to muscle his way to the top.(and he also inherited the race lead when Piquet Jr. crashed? hahaha. That’s another topic).

    My question is, and at least out of the active drivers, how many races did they DIRECTLY inherit the lead, and when? (directly, I mean when they were 2nd and the leader retired). Oh, I also remember Kimi inherited Spa 2004 when Alonso retired after 2 spins.


    Kimi would have been in front of Alonso anyway at Spa 2004 I believe. Fernando had a lot of inherited triumphs in 2005 but don’t know exact races.

    Massa lost a certain win at Hungaroring 2008 and that gave Kovalainen his first win.
    Alonso also inherited the lead (and effectively the championship) when Schumi’s engine blew at Suzuka 2006.
    Vettel got a win when Hamilton retired in Singapore in 2012, Raikkonen repeated Vettel’s feat at Yas Marina.
    Button won in Melbourne in 2010 after Vettel’s car failure pitched into the gravel as well. Hungary 2006 too although I still don’t know exactly whether Alonso’s retirement was because of pit crew or wheelnut failure.
    Hamilton was leading at Yas Marina in 2009 and suffered brake failure, Vettel won. The situation was reversed two years later (but due to puncture).


    Massa FRA 2008?

    RAI PRC 2007?


    Raikkonen hadn’t retired in France 2008 and he had already paased Hamilton in China before the latter got beached.


    Kimi Räikkönen, 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Hamilton retired)
    Ralf Schumacher, 2003 European Grand Prix (Kimi retired)


    2013 British GP – Rosberg took the win after Vettel had a gearbox failure. Vettel had inherited that lead too as Hamilton had had one of the many punctures in that race.


    Raikkonen retired from the lead in both San Marino 2005 and Germany 2005 (as well as the already-mentioned Europe 2005), with Alonso taking the win on both occasions.

    Raikkonen himself also inherited a win in Canada 2005 after Fisichella broke down, Alonso hit the wall, and Montoya was black-flagged.

    Alonso also inherited Bahrain 2010 when Vettel’s car developed a problem (although Vettel did not retire).


    On top of my head all I can think of;

    2010 Turkish GP – Hamilton from Vettel/Webber
    2011 Brazilian GP – Webber from Vettel due to gearbox issue
    2012 European GP – Alonso from Vettel due to alternator failure.
    2012 Abu Dhabi GP – Kimi from Hamilton due to gearbox issue.
    2012 Singapore GP – Vettel from Hamilton due to gearbox issue.
    2012 Brazilian GP – Was Jenson ahead when Hulk and Hamilton crashed?
    2013 British GP – Rosberg from Hamilton and Vettel whom both had failures.
    2014 British GP – Hamilton got the lead from Rosberg who had gearbox issues.
    2014 Canadian GP – Ricciardo from Rosberg when they had an ERS failure
    2014 Belgian GP – Ricciardo overtook Vettel and took over when Rosberg pitted for a new front wing.


    2012 Brazilian GP – Was Jenson ahead when Hulk and Hamilton crashed?

    He wasn’t! Hulkenberg’s move was for the lead. But you could say that if Hamilton had won that one, he would have ‘inherited’ it from the safety car. lol


    @xtwl Hamilton turkey 2010 was NOT lucky at all. He had to battle with button in an incredible duel to earn that win.


    @sato113 but both Vettel and Webber ahead, both faster were eliminted due to their crash. So he would have finished P3 after beating Button. Inherited I call that…


    I seem to remember Hamilton actually being stuck behind webber for a while. Often falling back through the turbulent air of turn 8 and thus not being close enough on the long straight a few corners later to pass. He was quicker than webber that day for sure.


    Both Red Bulls were ahead and It’s been a while but both McLarens didn’t seem like being able to pass them on track that weekend.


    Kovalainen’s only victory was inherited when massa’s ferrari motor gave up 3 laps from the end at hungary 2008


    Speaking of Massa, his ‘Spa win’ is also inherited in what might be the most fortunate way.

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