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    Hello all,

    Just for information, the Interlagos website keeps a gallery of the track revamp pictures. It’s in portuguese, but it’s the pictures that really matter, not the language :-)


    The gallery starts at the link at the middle of the page, “Início das obras em Interlagos” and ends at the first link of the page.


    @alexandre Many thanks for the link, always nice to see. Thankfully it only looks like resurfacing and some new service roads.


    An excellent find, thanks @Alexandre. Clearly a huge amount of work going on, although as expected it seems the track layout is remaining unchanged, which is definitely a good thing.

    The big question for me is what they’re going to do with the pit lane entrance, which has to be one of the most dangerous spots on any track on the calendar today. Presumably all they can do is move the entry earlier in the lap, to a point where it’s not ‘in the firing line’ as much. But that will leave them with a very long pit lane, especially considering the exit comes out after turn three.

    Oli Peacock

    @keithcollantine Maybe they could do an Abu Dhabi and have the pits run under T2 and exit in between T2 and T3 on the outside


    You’re welcome!

    Well, I got kinda scared about the 8th picture on the last gallery, “Reformas em Interlagos – Primeira semana de setembro”: Is that a track layout change or just a run-off track?

    I read that the pit entrance will be moved earlier but I think they could move the pit entrance to the outside of the track and cross it through a tunnel to reach the pits.


    Or… could it be that the new pit entrance will be through the new service road on the 7th picture at the last gallery? That could explain the need of that supposed track layout change…


    @alexandre I’m pretty sure pictures 7 and 8 are different corners – picture 7 is definitely Laranja (Turn 8) while picture 8 looks like Bico de Pato (Turn 10).

    If I’m right I suppose they could be trying to take a bit of a short cut at Turn 10 due to the lack of run off (although the cars aren’t going particularly fast there anyway). I hope they aren’t though, because it’s a sharp corner with multiple lines that can provide good racing (particularly in the often changeable conditions). Also, as one of the shortest tracks on the calendar at the moment (and probably the shortest lap time I imagine) I doubt they can afford any cuts to the track length.

    In any case according to this article they are making an effort to keep the track’s character, citing that as one of the reasons not to move the pit lane to the straight between Turns 3 and 4. I can’t find any reference to plans to change the layout anywhere so hopefully that’s just some sort of other work (it looks like a weird shape for a corner anyway – if I had to change that corner for safety reasons I’d just move the hairpin further towards the camera, rather than just cut straight across).


    Are they not cutting it a bit fine with the F1 race date?!

    Looks like a massive job over a short few months…


    @scottie I think they’ve been going for a little while already. They apparently plan to be done by one month before the race, so they have some leeway.


    @VMaxMuffin Yes, definetely they are distinct corners, but maybe that new service road (what I now call “supposed pit entrance”) would extend from some point after the Junção corner, then it could pass at the outside of Bico de Pato corner. But there’s no space for that without changing that turn. So this could explain the need of that turn change as I wrote before.



    If you check the other pictures it looks like it is just a path so the heavy vehicles don’t have to drive on the track too much.


    @zantkiller ah yes, thanks for that.



    Somewhat cheesy footage of the changes:

    Iestyn Davies

    I wonder how quickly the F1 cars would be going around the old full layout by now?! Quicker laptime than at Spa? Turns 1-2 would have to be the most daunting in the world, like Istanbul turn 8, but banked and without run-off.. what a course. Wasn’t there barriers around the pit entry in 1996? Could always do that again if cutting the line on pit entry becomes a problem.



    The pit lane entry and exit has undergone major changes (as expected) along with track resurfacing ready for 7th-9th November!

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