Jenson Button divorce

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    Just read on bbc website which says Jenson Button & his wife have officaly split up. This is really sad news, but it does make me wonder how hard it is for the drivers & team personal to keep personal relationships and a family life with all the traveling they do.


    Getting paid millions of dollars to travel the world and do what they love. Yeah their personal life must suck!!!


    Just because you and I would love to do so does not mean our partners would love to too. They just have to sit in the garage going from hotel to hotel barely being home.

    Vettel seems to take the more father like approach by leaving them home, keeping them out of the spotlight and giving them a normal albeit wealthy life. She knew who she was marrying.

    Ivan Vinitskyy

    I’m guessing she couldn’t take all the whining about how bad that Honda engine is.


    lbeit wealthy

    @xtwl Source sauce?




    Any believable pages saying VET’s GF and baby is living in plenty of wealth? (although I guess that’s got an at least 80% chance of actualy being the case – still, some proof would always be better)


    @Davidnotcoulthard Why would they not? Her husband is a four times F1 champion with a wage we can only dream about? Do you really think that person would let his wife and offspring live in poverty?

    By googling about her, apparently they have two children and not one. On top of that they live in Switzerland, not the country known for poor living standards, famine or being a war zone…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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