Raikkonen vs Ricciardo for Red Bull

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    Not sure if this post has been done but what are the ‘bookies’ saying on Kimi or Daniel for Red Bull???
    I think Dan is now very slightly in the lead for the seat but would throw some thoughts out there:

    Dan will ask for 2mill, Kimi 14 mill
    Kimi a WDC and Dan never a top 3.
    Dan has not a car to be top 3.
    At the moment Kimi says ” I will make a choice” but Red Bull say they dont know- THEY will make a choice.They dont want Kimi at all cost.
    Horner has said they dont know (but they do?)
    Dan is FAST (and so is Kimi) BUT Kimi has only a few years- Dan has many.
    RBR have a PR program in place- only Dan will go that one!!

    BUT- Red Bull need to show that Seb is not the only RBR youth program to work Dan will see this happen!! My $200 is on Daniel “) !!!

    Lucas Wilson

    Yes I think it will be Daniel. Although I would like to see kimi in RBR.

    But here is another factor, RBR might not have a championship winning car in 2014 and no doubt that will influence ki mi.


    Dan will ask for 2mill, Kimi 14 mill

    I don’t think Ricciardo is going to ask anything for his seat, he’d probably settle for a basic salary + competitive bonuses.


    I don’t see any reason to choose Raikkonen over Ricciardo. I really don’t.


    I’d rather see Ricciardo in the seat, to be honest. Though I don’t think any driver should worry about money when getting into a top team, I’d settle for minimum wage and a load of PR days in order to get into one of the fastest cars on the grid. Money is a good thing, sure, but success is far sweeter, and I would do anything I could to ensure I got that seat.


    Same here @joeyz11, Ricciardo has proven himself capable of running consistently and cleanly, and I doubt he’s any slower than Webber. Raikkonen might be a slightly more competitive driver overall, but is that worth all the hassle? Ferrari certainly dont seem to think so.


    RB doesn’t need Kimi. They have both driver and constructor champions 3 years running, and perhaps 4. I don’t see what RB would gain by bringing Kimi aboard. They need someone young and fast to get points and groom as a future champion.


    I reckon they ought to go for Ricciardo. Perhaps not as quick as Raikkonen yet, but he is young with heaps of potential. He can learn from Vettel for a few years, until Vettel inevitably decides to seek a new challenge elsewhere, and then take over. RIC is definitely better for the long-term.

    It’s also obviously a lot better from the perspective of Red Bull’s young driver program. Franz Tost wants to keep Vergne but you can bet that Helmut Marko wants Da Costa in the Toro Rosso next year. They can’t have both of them if Ricciardo is still with Toro Rosso, too.


    Red Bull already has a championship winning driver in Vettel, so they don’t really need Raikkonen.
    It’s a much safer bet to go with someone who will happily be a solid number two driver, or will become a star.

    Daniel also has the advantage of being part of Marko’s program, and is a natural with the PR stuff. Raikkonen is temperamental, laconic and has a history of losing interest and dropping off in form.

    Yaya Ishaq

    Kimi Raikkonen any day of the week. Two world champions in the same team is one of the awesome things about F1. I admire Vettel’s ability but i’m just sick of seeing him constantly never have to worry about his teammate who just isn’t good enough to challenge him.

    I still cant understand the hype surrounding Ricciardo to be honest. Just because you qualify in the top 10 every other race in a midfield car that isnt too bad doesnt warrant a seat in the best team in F1. Heck, people have even conveniently forgotten the fact that it is JEV who has more points and it is JEV who has TR’s best result of the year.

    Im not saying he is better than Ricciardo but i would much rather see two heavyweights of F1 battling for supremacy in the same team than yet another driver who will have no answer to Vettel’s speed. We’ve already been there with Webber.


    But from the teams point of view, what good is having two world champions? You can only win one at a time and they are doing that already, both driver and constructor. And Kimi won’t be around much longer, so it seems smart to groom a young driver. Sure from a spectators point of view we would love to see KR and SV go at it, but it makes no sense to me from a teams point of view.

    Yaya Ishaq

    It makes more sense to go for Kimi next year in my view. Yes, they have been winning titles but there will be rule changes next and there is a good chance RB wont have the best all round car; so they are going to need every point they can possibly get from both cars. Simply relying on Sebastian to score all the wins and podiums may not be enough.

    And this idea of grooming doesn’t make sense either. I mean isn’t that the whole point of Toro Rosso? Red Bull cant really afford to wait for him to find his feet as they require instant results for the championship.


    I really hope its Kimi. Unfortunately, I dont think Seb would be up for the challenge… so we will have to settle for Daniel


    Whoever the best driver for Red Bull would be, depends in my opinion on their future car speed in relation to the other teams. But does Red Bull want the best driver or the best _fitting_ driver next to Vettel? That’s a question nobody of us can answer.

    Will RB still have one of the fastest cars? Maybe Ricciardo would be the better choice, IF Vettel can manage to get enough points for the constructor’s championship by himself. It would be a shame for Red Bull, if a team like Mercedes was even stronger next year. With Hamilton and Rosberg, they have two strong drivers, who could take at least one championship from RB. Slight advantage to Ricciardo, but with some risk.

    What if RB loses the top spot next year? In that case, Räikkönen would be the best team-mate next to Vettel! First off, if the championship is off the cards, it won’t matter if Kimi will gain more points than Vettel or not. Secondly, the Fin’s good race craft and his constant finishing in the points make him an attractive choice to, for example, place the team in second place instead of third or third instead of fourth. Definite advantage Räikkönen.

    Will other things play a role? Räikkönen will definitely earn more than the Australian Ricciardo, but it’s only natural to pay a world champion more than a young driver, who gets the chance of his life to drive in the one team, which has won so much in the past few years. Then again, according to news articles Räikkönen has a guaranteed salary of 3 million Euro with Lotus this year, but the contract is laden with performance incentives. I don’t see an advantage for any driver in this.

    Daniel Ricciardo is no Vettel. In my opinion, he hasn’t shown extraordinary performances in his career at Toro Rosso and he hasn’t been the most consistent driver. Why should Red Bull choose him, when they could take Räikkönen for two or three years and then look to the next generation of young drivers out of their own program?

    In the end, Ricciardo’s slightly higher experience (and arguably equal performance to Vergne) shouldn’t be reason enough to have him drive a RB.


    Ricciardo is starting to remind me of Trulli , seems to be an excellent qualifier, unfortunately more often than not he goes backwards in the race . If Ricciardo is to get the red bull seat he can’t afford to be behind JEV in the championship.

    Plus JEV has had his fair of bad luck in the races too . Ricciardo needs to massively raise it on a Sunday for me as he looks no better than JEV , BUEMI or ALG in the race itself.

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