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    He is a good racer & definitively a future WC in making but I doubt that he will end up in Ferrari as soon as 2012. I think the best can be if he can then join Red Bull or Mercedes some time in the future when Webber or Schumacher leaves their respective team.

    Stephen Jones

    kobayashi is kinda like an onion..

    when you eat him your eyes water.. like he’s attacking your inside.

    as for his results this year.. he’s doing alright. he’s had some fun pass-age at sepang, and he should feel pretty confident in the “kinda fast” sauber.

    he’s doing fine.. not bad, not crazy good, but alright..


    I like him far better this year than last year. He seems to have stopped going for videogame plunges down the inside of a car (like he did with Alguersuari in Suzuka). He’s become far more sensible, both while attacking and defending. I’m unsure about his qualifying pace, but he’s certainly one of the more attractive racers of this generation.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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