Robert Kubica’s recovery

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    Pictures emerged in the Italian media yesterday apparently showing Robert Kubica karting:

    PDF: http://www.mykart.it/UserFiles/Files/News/30/Kubica%20al%20MyKart.pdf

    He appears to be wearing a helmet with ‘Petronas’ on it, perhaps an old one from his BMW days.

    Further images which were sent in earlier:



    It does indeed have a bmw logo on it.
    weird.. could it be old pics?
    I hope they are new ones! Hope he get’s back soon.


    Perhaps @fixy could translate some of the article for us? :)


    Google translated:
    Surprise celebrities MyKart the street Foscolo, yesterday afternoon it’s a driver in Formula One, Robert Kubica, the Polish Versilia and adoption. Kubica, the protagonist of a dreadful accident at Rally Andover in Liguria February 6, 2011, is still not in peak physical condition. The consequences of breaking his right ankle in a fall in Pietrasanta make it lame. Nothing compared the one who risked a years ago when he underwent surgery for seven hours to save the arm and right hand. Cap ordinance, smile, the driver Polish occurred at around 16 together with two friends who know the
    Barnsley brothers, historical operators the kart track. Then he started doing what he does rather three laps behind the wheel of a kart.
    Nothing to do with speed of Formula One When driving the Renault raced in the circuits
    worldwide collezionanto successes and placings. Excellent results able to pull his name
    the Ferrari team. Despite the serious injury the instinct of the pilot remained
    intact and in laps, with no competitors, it showed.
    “I knew it would come – to say MyKart -. The two friends led him to making a nice surprise. “After talking with the staff of the kart track and have signed some
    autograph, not excluding Kubica has hailed a return to town.


    Interesting, Karting is a good way to sharpen up your reflexes.

    Force Maikel

    It’s good to see him back on track doing some racing !


    I so hope this is authentic.

    Keith, I was amazed to see in your 20 Questions Predictions article that you predict Robert will race in 2012. This gladdened my heart, as I’m sure you have a better feel for such hunches than any of us. Would you be prepared to elaborate at all?


    I put the worst surprise will be he will announce he doesn’t intend to return, I’m afraid I think his injuries took too much of a toll on him and he will never be the same again. I don’t want this to happen, but I think this is the harsh reality


    Not sure what to make of all the news recently. After Alguersuari said that he couldn’t hold a cup, more reports came out saying that he has already been driving the very same car that nearly killed him; the Skoda Fabia S2000 Rally Car. Now these pictures come out with him obviously gripping the steering wheel, and not using crutches to stand. I hope that he is getting better, and that we will see him back soon, but I’m not really sure what to make of all the conflicting reports that are emerging recently….


    Sorry @andrewtanner for doing so only now, but here is the translation:

    Surprise VIP at MyKart in via Foscolo yesterday afternoon when F1 driver Robert Kubica arrived. Kubica, who suffered a scary crash at the Rally di Andora in Liguria the 06/02/11, isn’t still in perfect physical conditions. The aftermath of the ankle fracture for a fall in Pietrasanta make him lame. Nothing in comparison to what he risked an year ago when he was subject to a surgical operation 7 hours long to save his right arm and hand. With his hat, and a smile, the Polish driver showed up at around 16:00 with two driends who know the Barni brothers, owners of the kartdrome. Then he started doing what he’s best at: three laps at the wheel of a kart. Nothing in comparison to the speeds of F1, when, driving for Renault, he shot around the world’s circuits obtaining successes and good placings. Excellent results which allowed him to have his name associated with Ferrari. Despite the serious injury, his instinct has remained intact, and in the laps around the circuit, without opponents, he showed it. “We didn’t know he was coming”, said people at MyKart. “His friends accompanied him here, surprising us”. After talking with the staff of the kartdrome and having signed some autographs, Kubica said goodbye, not excluding a return to the town.


    Thanks @Fixy :D I bet that was a good surprise for those there!


    Wow! I really hope its him, that would be amazing! Doesn’t seem he’s lost anything at all from that video haha :D


    Considering how Kubica got his injuries, I’m quite surprised to see him doing that. I would have thought he would stick to the track, if his aim is to return to F1.




    Here are some pics of an earlier test so I it a safe bet that it is him. Might as well check this site from time to time because things about Robert are posted very quickly.

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