Kubica to Ferrari in 2013?

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    Younger Hamii

    I can see doors opening & closing in terms of Which driver is at which team but what really stuck to my mind is that If Kimi Raikkonen’s motivation is more than ever & Renault along with Petrov,who is most likely to retain his seat for 2012 have a really strong season & Raikkonen sees Renault moving forward with also Felipe Massa & Mark Webber,whos contracts expires next year having another turbulent year at their teams.

    Leaving Robert Kubica in the open,who was due to return for 2012 iis set to miss at least Pre-Season testing according to his agent

    My Predictions is Renault,who are stuck in the middle of nowhere retain Raikkonen & Petrov with Massa been out-performed yet again by Alonso at Ferrari,Leaving Kubica to replace Massa,Webber is a bit uncertain.

    This is honestly all confusing for me & im pretty sure for everyone else;If this happens then Where would Massa go? Will Webber remain at Red Bull beyond 2012? What do you think about all of this;Leave your Comments below!!! Cheers!!!


    would Ferrari hire a full time driver that hasn’t been in the car for such a long time?

    If Ferrari is interested in Kubica they are not as interested as to be the first team to test him out in F1 machinery.


    I don’t think Ferrari would risk another post-accident driver.

    He’ll need a year or two in another team – maybe a return to Sauber? – before Ferrari would take him, I think.


    I don’t think Kubica will ever drive a Ferrari. Three reasons why:

    1. I don’t think he’ll ever return to F1.
    2. Even if he did Ferrari would be stupid to take a risk with an injured driver.
    3. I don’t think he has ever been good enough to merit a Ferrari seat.

    The last point may be viewed by some as near-blasphemy, but Kubica stands out for me as one of the drivers whose reputation most outweighs their talent and achievements.


    Sad as it is I, too, don’t think that Kubica will ever return to F1.

    If Webber has another season like this one he would be stupid to remain at Red Bull. He would be better going to another team rather than being treated as a door mat, how does the saying go – “It’s better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!”

    Ferrari are obviously going to put Alonso first, who else would go there and play second fiddle?


    I highly doubt it. I really hope Kubica comes back to F1, but if he did, it would be a very stupid risk for Ferrari to sign a recently injured driver…


    Ferrari are a top team, not a driver rehabilitation device. I very much doubt he’ll go there after his accident
    even more so in 2013 when he’d have very little running in a car


    in any case i believe that webber will leave rbr after 2013 – even if he has a good season. he will want to leave on a relative high. the 2013 rbr seat is up for grabs, and i think it could be hamilton – which would be very interesting indeed!


    @magon4 after 2013, or after 2012? I think it’s highly unlikely that Hamilton would go to RBR.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Ferrari won’t take Kubica without being confident that he is a) fit to drive and b) as competitive as he was before his accident. Come to think of it, Marussia and Hispania wouldn’t do that either, so Ferrari certainly wouldn’t.


    I don’t think Kubica will return to F1. In the driver’s market, he’ll have to compete with all the young drivers looking to break into the sport.

    He’ll probably end up doing endurance racing or DTM.


    yeah you’re right @raymondu999, i meant after 2012. and hamilton will sit in any car that will make him win, he’s even talked about rbr this year.


    @magon4 hamilton might want to go RBR, but will RBR want him? Vettel would most probably get a driver he knows he can dominate. Not that he’s scared, but it’s the smart thing to do. If you have a teammate that you can’t dominate, he will be taking points off you. Vettel is a very clinical driver, and Im sure he knows all this

    In other news, could I just ask, where did all these Kubica to Ferrari rumours come from? I’m not saying they’re untrue, but what was the first time it was mentioned?


    @raymondu999 people have been talking about kubica/ferrari for a while now, and massa leaving after next season triggered it.
    and christian horner said hamilton is a very interesting driver. red bull would love it, vettel and hamilton, two different styles but both kind of “hip”, it would suit the company, i guess.
    so i don’t think it’s impossible, and it would be very interesting!


    @margon4 and Alonso said he wouldn’t mind a competitive teammate, or Lewis alongside him. But we still know that is 99.9% impossible.

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