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    We had a thread a while ago about the unluckiest and least remembered Ferrari drivers, which I was reminded of because I saw a picture of Stefan Johansson in a Ferrari and had forgotten again he drove for the Scuderia. Or for McLaren.

    So, I was wondering if there are more cases of drivers not being remembered for driving for a certain team, despite a long career. Of course, this can be personal, due to the time you’ve been watching F1 or if you hadn’t been following a certain driver. Of course, you can also note cases where other people seemingly forget a driver drove for a team. Often this is also caused due to drivers only doing a single or a couple of races for a team.

    Some other examples:
    – I often forget Andrea de Cesaris drove for McLaren in 1981, although neither party would dare call it a successful year either!
    – Thierry Boutsen for Jordan in 1993.
    – Mika Salo doing a couple of races for BAR, before replacing Schumacher in 1999.
    – Keke Rosberg for McLaren, partially because I only started watching in the late 90s, I think.
    – Jacques Laffite for Williams in 1982 and 1983 – I always connect him to Ligier.
    – Jacques Villeneuve for Renault in 2004 replacing Jarno Trulli for the final 3 races of the season.
    – Antontio Pizzonia for Williams in 2004 filling in for the injured Ralf Schumacher for 4 races.


    Fisichella for Ferrari.
    Wurz for Mclaren.
    Gene for Williams.
    Doornbos for Red Bull.
    D’Ambrosio for Lotus.


    I guess you could include Peterson in the Tyrrell in 1977, or Ickx in the Williams (I think it was in ’73, when he drove for Ferrari, McLaren and Williams)


    Interesting! Some recent ones, from the top of my head:
    – Fisichella for Ferrari (2009)
    – Bruno Senna for Renault (2011)
    – Ricciardo for HRT (2011) still seems strange
    – Heidfeld for Sauber (not BMW; 2010), not very memorable!
    – Winkelhock for Spyker (2007)
    – Klien for HRT (2010)


    There were quite a few in 1994, including;
    Larini for Ferrari (a very sad story, getting his one and only podium at Imola…)
    Alliot for McLaren and Larrousse (one race each)
    Suzuki and de Cesaris for Jordan (replacing Irvine for his ban)
    Lagorce at Ligier (his only two F1 starts in the last two races of the year)

    Some others:
    Sarrazin for Prost in 1999 (his one and only GP)
    De La Rosa for Sauber in 2011
    Davidson for Minardi in 2002 (and BAR in 2005)
    Sospiri and Rosset in 1997 :P

    Omar R

    Jacques Villeneuve in Renault, I don’t remember if it was before or after Alonso.
    Fisichella for Ferrari.
    Pedro de la Rosa in McLaren
    Ricciardo in HRT (the other day I missed that detail completely).


    Kobayashi for Toyota (2009)


    @Enigma How could anyone forget that!


    @magnificent-geoffrey Well I nearly have – he only did two races, though he did make a couple of very bold overtakes on his debut!


    Johnny Herbert’s Ligier career
    Ralph Firman’s F1 career
    Giorgio Pantano – I recently read an amusing article bigging up GP2 by naming him among the GP2 champions who have raced in F1…


    good topic!, i’ll go for:
    Mansell McLaren 95
    Vettel BMW Sauber 2007
    Hill Brabham 1992
    Brundle Williams 1988


    Speed – Toro Rosso – 2006-07


    A few:
    S Modena, Tyrrell 1991
    K Wendlinger, Leyton House 1991
    G Morbidelli, Ferrari 1991
    A Zanardi, Lotus 1993-94
    P Alliot, McLaren 1994
    J Magnussen, McLaren 1995
    N Larini, Sauber 1997
    A Davidson, Minardi 2002
    A Wurz, McLaren 2005
    M Webber, Williams 2005
    N Heidfeld, Williams 2005
    R Doornbos, Red Bull 2006


    Mansell – McLaren 1995
    Baumgartner – Jordan 2003
    Pantano and Glock – Jordan 2004
    Villeneuve – Renault 2004
    Wurz – McLaren 2005
    Pizzonia – Williams 2005
    Heidfield – Sauber 2010
    Klien – HRT 2010
    de la Rosa – Sauber 2011
    Chandhok – Lotus 2011
    Ricciardo – HRT 2011
    Senna – Renault 2011
    d’Ambrosio – Lotus 2012

    Force Maikel

    Never knew Ickx drove one race for Williams (Frank Williams Racing Cars 1969-1976), I guess that makes him the only one to have driven for the 4 greats of f1?


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