Leo Turrini and his conversation with Domenicali about Kimi

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    Today, Leo Turrini, an Italian blogger, who is considered the unofficial voice of Ferrari, (and good friend of Domenicali and Di Montezemolo and a big Kimi fan) had lunch with Stefano Domenicali, which they often do. Below is an extract from their lunch today as told by Turrini.

    “‘The Dom, Kimi and the safety of a great second hand‘

    Turrini: “I like a great second hand, you like a great second hand, he likes a great second hand, where’s the problem?“

    Domenicali: “There is no problem.” smiling while saying this

    Turrini: “Except for the fact that I can stop this blog, after having experienced the greatest satisfaction of my life (the return of Kimi).”

    Domenicali: “You don’t stop anything! This is not the beginning of the end, but the end of certain principles and new beginning.”

    Turrini: “Right, how do you think Fernando will react to this news?“

    Domenicali: “I have no idea…” (doing his best Kimi impersonation from the Renault commercial)”

    Right, what do you make of this conversation? Interesting, eh?


    Well, that was random.

    Also, wouldn’t it be an idea to keep all the silly season talk in one thread, or a sub forum? It’s getting very fragmented like this.


    Is it a joke? I don’t understand.


    Maybe there’s a thread for it. I don’t know, I just was lazy, didn’t had the time and didn’t search. If there is a thread for the silly season well… sorry Keith!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think the answer to this is obvious: Luca supports grassroots journalism, but Alonso does not.

    Keith Collantine

    @joao-pedro-cq So this is a translation of this:


    I’m afraid I don’t understand the translation, perhaps you could explain?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    He’s suggesting that Luca has confirmed Raikkonen’s return to Ferrari without having said it.


    @keithcollantine It was the best I could find (the translation is not mine).

    Of what I understood, this is basically Domenicali saying to Turrini that Kimi will be in Ferrari in 2014 and that Alonso doesn’t yet know about it, which to me says that next year Ferrari line-up is Alonso-Räikkönen. That was what I could understand from it.

    Basically, what @prisoner-monkeys said.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    It’s rubbish, speculative journalism. It’s insinuation and implication presented as fact to make the journalist appear knowledgeable without forcing him to commit one way or another so that he has no responsibility if he is wrong. It’s journalism designed to attract readers, rather than actually report on what is happening.

    Part if me hopes that Luca wad playing games with this so-called journalist, so that when he is proven wrong, he will have to accept responsibility for printing this piece of garbage.


    @prisoner-monkeys It’s basically silly season journalism. And it’sl… silly.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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