Hamilton and the Security Guard

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    Bradley Downton

    I’m not going to lie, but this really annoyed me in commentary.

    When Lewis Hamilton re-entered the paddock – fully clad in race suit and helmet – the security guard stopped him and asked for ID. Hamilton looked up at him and continued on anyway. David Croft then said in commentary that the security guard was being a ‘jobsworth’.

    The presenters then said the same during the analysis of the session and during the F1 Show.

    This annoyed me however, why was the security guard being slated?

    Anyone could have got a replica of the Mercedes race suit and a helmet with the same design on it. That bloke could have been anyone so the security guard was doing exactly what was right. If that guy hadn’t have been Hamilton the security guard would have got into trouble for not checking.


    I think that when you’re a security guard at a motorsports event and a guy in a full racing suit wear and a helmet followed by team members and multiple TV cameras comes towards you, it’s not exactly hard to work out why this person should probably be allowed in, even if he doesn’t have a pass on him.

    That said, there’s no really need for people to be all that critical of a guy who may not know the first thing about F1 and is just doing his job, after all.


    Couldn’t agree more. No-one should be criticized for doing their jobs, and especially not those whom are there to protect.


    He was doing his job. That’s what he’s supposed to do, isn’t it?

    Keith Collantine

    In case there’s anyone left who hasn’t seen it, here’s an action replay:



    I agreed with the premise that the security guard shouldn’t be talked down because he was doing his job.. until I saw the video. When you’re being followed by 3 camera teams, it speaks for itself that you’re legit.


    Both my parents used to be Marshals at Zandvoort, events ranging from national cups to international F3, DTM and FIA GT3. Basically you have to check everyone’s credentials, even if their outfit says FIA 20 times or are wearing team clothing, passes have to be in sight.

    The guy was doing his job. Would we be ok with Prime Ministers getting preferential treatment at Airports?


    I’m pretty sure drivers dont carry their passes around in their race suits though Nick


    Drivers don’t often enter the paddock in full gear. When they enter the paddock normally, they do have to show their passes.


    Who cares if he is being followed by camera men? They’ll follow anyone for ratings, that’s their job. Who is that guy in the helmet??? Nobody knows, that’s why you can’t wear helmets into banks and service stations. The guy is just doing his job.


    The poor guy’s just doing his job, but then again, we are the same country that let five comedians with handycams and Canadian flags infiltrate the APEC motorcade with one dressed as Osama Bin Laden >.<


    I suppose to be fair the guard wouldn’t necessarily have a clue what an F1 driver looked like over any other driver or pretend driver. It might have been an F1-only section (rather than the V8s).


    Entertaining, but you can’t really blame the guy. Especially if that was an F1-only section- he has no idea specifically what an F1 driver looks like.

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