Lewis Hamilton sees fight with Fernando Alonso as new 'Senna v Prost'

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    I think what made me really doubt Vettel was the German and Singapore Grand Prix last year, the Ferrari’s weren’t far off, but he still had comfortably the fastest car, he had the beating of Webber, but he never once looked like beating Alonso, even though he had the car to do it, he couldn’t bring even a little bit of preassure to bear, Alonso only looked underthreat for about three laps at the end of Singapore when his tyres appeared to give way, by which time it was far too late and Vettel was in his pocket anyway. I just though meh, can’t fight for it in front of your home crowd, can you ever fight for it?

    Ned Flanders

    But all driver have their offdays. The Red Bull was so good that Vettel’s offdays saw him finish 3rd/ 4th (or crash!), while on the occasions Alonso didn’t perform well he was sometimes down in 10th (Turkey, Spa etc).


    I find it a bonus if you can win the WDC without winning your home GP. Just shows you don’t need the advantage through the season with 1 race.

    I also find it’s almost impossible to overtake at singapore, Webber and Lewis showed that by clashing. How is vettel meant to overtake Alonso if he doesn’t make a mistake?


    I get that, but it just seemed like such a capitulation, he didn’t even have a go at Massa, it’s enourmously frustrating when a driver of talent denies you the oppourtunity of the entertainment of seeing him have a crack the guy in front. Especially in overtaking possible Germany of all places.

    Maybe on his on days he just doesn’t need to fight, maybe on his off days he realises his inner prang magnet’s still there waiting to spring.

    What I ment was Vettle had a better car than Alonso at Singapore, and certainly he had for the last 4 laps a car with twice the tyres on his car, however, remeber when Mansell hounded Senna round Monaco, a track where overtaking is almost impossible, every corner he put enourmous preassure on Senna, and Senna stretched his car over the entire track and took the victory. Vettle had a better car for an entire race, and Alonso basically cruised to victory even if the gap was generally small. Alonso drove sensationally well, helped by the lack of preassure that might have gotten a mistake out of him.


    But I’m sure you would agree, that the differences in mindset for both drivers were much different.

    Mansell had already won all 5 grand prixs before Monaco, while his teammate Patrese was his only REAL rival that year. So I think crashing was the last thing going through his mind when he was up senna’s backside.

    Vettel was towards the end of the season (only winning 2 GP’s) knowing a DNF could end his title chances. If he acted like Mansell and crashed into Alonso, we might of seen Webber or Hamilton WDC.


    Wait… does this thread make Vettel the new Mansell? (I’m not inclined to suggest Webber is Mansell )

    I may have to start liking Vettel if he’s the new Mansell…something to ponder on. :)


    PS.. 32 ‘Vettle’s on this page so far ;)


    Nooo, Vettel is not the new Mansell, because Mansell was a lazy loon, with balls of carbon fibre coated titanium. Vettel even if he ends up a better driver and champion probably won’t have half the charisma Mansell had in his appendix. Following on from Nico’s point, Mansell could always be relied upon to do something completely insane, daring, fantastic when he pulled it off, damn silly the rest of the time, Vettel not really. Mansell was sly as well, Vettel might develop that but Mansell was the consumate passer, dummies, walls of death, late braking you name it, he could do it.

    None of the current crop live up to the characters of the 80’s and 90’s. Last true maverick was probably Montoya, Schumacher really counts as one of the intense characters of old, even in the way he’s mellowed today, Haikkenen was more interesting than Alonso, Villenureve was even more annoying than Hamilton, Hill was a better underdog than Button, who is one of the more fleshed out personalities at least, on the other hand, Buttons always seemed too priveleged to be a true underdog, even if the reverse might have been true, Damon just looked more hard done by (not since he’s gone all silverfox and dashing though). The personalities are just flat these days, an Rubens counts as one from three crops ago as well.



    Actually while looking back through the past seasons, vettel has succeded in making up places “working his way up” more so than Lewis in F1, ofc Lewis was in better cars than vettel so he didn’t get as many chances to show us from the back.

    ((Successful results from being out of the points into points after race))



    17th to 4th China


    19th to 5th Monaco

    19th to 8th Canada

    9th to 8th Germany <- ok not much so

    10th to 5th Belgium

    9th to 6th Japan


    15th to 4th Brazil


    24th to 7th Britain, after puncture…


    2007/2008 None.


    12th to 7th Malaysia

    9th to 6th China

    17th to 3rd Brazil


    11th to 6th Australia

    20th to 6th Malaysia

    Sorry if I missed some but thats what I read anyway. Also sorry for the long time response for it Ned since I reckon you’ve moved on after that post lol.


    @ Scribe

    you said a lot correct things about mansell. i was a big masnell fan. well mansell had more charisma than all the young drivers together now, but they are still young. however i like vettel more than hamilton, as he doesnt give these useless interviews telling something about being the young senna and somebody else being prost and also doesnt complain about other cars front wings lol. he just drives and doesnt talk about such stuff.

    however with one comparison hamilton was more right than he guessed. the vettel mansell comparison! i guess he wanted to be funny by saying, vettel was the new mansell, but indeed i found some similarities, which i summarized on this pic last year, while vettel, alonso, webber and hamilton were fighting for the champioship.


    however now there is a big difference between vettel and mansell, as vettel is the youngest world champion ever and mansell was one of the oldest world champions.

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