Hamilton: Schumacher's accident "happened for a reason"

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    There is something which does irk me a bit though which is when you see comments like Hamilton’s about it being some kind of test of character. It implies that this is a situation over which the victim can have some kind of influence, and that brings the implication that if the sufferer does not pull through, then the have somehow failed a test. When in fact, the reality is that if Schumacher does never wake up, it is because the man we all love and support effectively left us in December.

    It’s like when people talk about someone ‘losing their battle’ with a terminal illness. Death is an inevitable fact of life; everyone reading this sentence will die one day, myself included, and there is no act of will which can change this fact. When my life does inevitably reach its terminus, I would rather people didn’t think that I had died because I had somehow failed to stay alive through willpower.




    I obviously do not believe Lewis has said this out of malice..he genuinely feels for Michael and would want him to come out of his coma, and I’m sure he is deeply pained by this whole situation that has befallen one of the sport’s greatest drivers.
    It’s the application that I question…I don’t care if Lewis’s religious beliefs render what he says as “sense”, as far as I am concerned and as all people with proper logical trains of thought should, this statement in its strictest sense is nonsense. Nothing happens for a reason, things happen BECAUSE of something, not for something, there has been no scientific evidence to prove that “everything happens for a reason”.
    I personally feel that Lewis is well-meaning, but at times he comes across as very un-intelligent as a person.
    Not that it should affect anybody, Lewis has freedom of speech and this is not sedition, far from it, it’s well-meaning sympathy, concern and hope for an ex-colleague.


    I don’t agree with the concept that anything happens for a reason – things just happen – but this story is just another case of papers printing particularly provocative stories to make money. Would anyone be bothered if it wasn’t for the headline? I certainly wouldn’t have read it!

    I think it’s harsh to say Hamilton should have worded it better – I’ve seen the interview now and it’s just a sentance that makes sense in context. If you decide to use it as a quote out of context, you’re at fault – not him.


    @wsrgo I don’t think Lewis shows a lack of intelligence in this, but, if anything, shows his lack of emotional intelligence. Some of his emotional troubles have been well documented, but it could be a lack of thinking through what he’s about to say.

    Then again, it’s not like he implied anything by saying what he said (as opposed to the severe implication in the now-famous headline).

    Ed Marques

    This is uttlerly ridiculous. For example, the same interview, with the exact same words was portraited in a completely different way in other places.


    Oh Lewis… not again..
    How can that even be even remotely important?
    Surely all that matters is that he wakes up in good condition.
    I think it is very insensitive to suggest that it happened, because once he wakes up he will have shown that he is.. whatever.

    Max Jacobson

    A bit of a silly thing to say Lewis…

    I understand his religious beliefs dictate such (however dubious that notion is) and he evidently has the utmost respect for him, but that was just inviting a sensationalist response. And it was ultimately a useless statement.


    Am I the only one here who, initially, thought his comment was perfecly fine (interpreting it as “Michael will be thankful for it someday in the future, though as of now we can’t know why he will be” or something to that effect)?

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