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    In a online game I play (Batracer) one of the users wrote a small app to record/analysis Live Timing from Formula1 .com

    In Pieczar words

    I have written a Formula 1 live timing application. It can be used as an alternative for the java applet available on the formula1.com site. To use the app you need an account on formula1.com – the same you use for the usual live timing. The application is much more functional than the formula1.com app, main features are:
    – gathering all live timing data – you can see lap time history of every driver,
    – session statistics – fastest laps, fastest pit stops, speed records, charts,
    – lap time comparison tool – allows you to compare lap times of up to 4 drivers at once,
    – head to head tool – a driver tracking tool – select two drivers and program will be calculating the gap between them, showing the differences between lap and sector times and drawing charts on every lap,
    – recording and replaying live timing – every session can be recorded and played later, very usefull tool when watching a replay of the race.
    IMPORTANT – read the README.html file – it explains in details everything about the application usage.

    With approval from Pieczar here the Link

    It changed the way I watch and enjoy the race


    What’s it written in? What OS does it run on? Looks interesting.


    Thanks YoungGuns, Just what I wanted, just done trial, it picks up the final lap from Barcelona just fine.

    Thanks again.


    @ raymond the best would be to contact the writer directly
    his contact detail pieczaro @ gmail.com

    From the other forum it was written in

    C++ Qt

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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