Mad Max vs Calm Charlie

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    Loup Garou

    I have a strong feeling that 2019 is going to see a new rivalry emerge between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. At long last MV is showing signs of some maturity and the ability to control his mad impulses that have affected his doubtless ability in the past. I als think that after their setbacks with McLaren, Honda would have worked overtime to provide a competitive engine for Red Bull; remember it is a Japanese company and if there is anything that they hate more than any other, it is “losing face”.

    Leclerc already had pedigree coming into F1 with his GP3 and F2 titles in 2016 & 2017 respectively. This year he did not have a car to prove his worth but in 2019 he’ll be behind a Ferrari and methinks will win at least a few races. He is a calmer young man that MV and has a Prostish air about him.


    I agree with that, Max is certainly a talent and no shrinking violet is he. He is 21 or 22 and has 5 wins, pretty impressive. But a quote for the Star Wars geeks, overconfidence may be his weakness. No matter what anyone thinks of his contact with Ocon in Brazil, Lewis was totally correct “You had more to lose”. When he speaks to the media he is making more frequent comments like he did last week in that “I am a winner”. Many think its arrogant, and it is, but show me an F1 driver who doesn’t have some arrogance and I will show you someone who needs a new job. He is speaking like Senna and Schumi used to, probably a mixed product of Jos and increasing self belief. Based on how he is driving I can see why.

    I think Charles Leclerc is the driver of the year! To get a Ferrari drive mid season (Or a bit later) in a debut season is unheard of. I met him in Melbourne this year on the Thursday, he was waiting at the Paddock entry and I got a photo then asked “Where are you going now?” He said ” I don’t know, I think an autograph session, but I forgot my pass so need to wait here”. I laughed and though all other drivers, rookie or veteran, would just push their way out. A quote from ‘The Castle’ for you Aussie fans, “That man has morals” :)

    Charles certainly seems more calm and a thinker where Max maybe more hot headed like Ayrton used to be. I think the next few years will be Lewis & Seb, they then may retire, but if not these two will naturally take over in pure speed, add Ocon to that list to, maybe Gasly as well, see how he goes this year. But this will be some great battle, maybe 10 years of irt!!

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