Maldonado moans about penalties on Twitter (then deletes Tweet)

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    Pastor Maldonado posted the following on Twitter yesterday, seemingly referring to Sebastian Vettel’s reprimand for contact with Bruno Senna:

    Today we have clearly seen that the penalties are not equal for all the teams and drivers….

    Maldonado later deleted the Tweet, but not before it had been retweeted by many people.

    Maldonado would be wise not to invite further scrutiny of his collision with Perez which looked very much like it was deliberate and retributive, and merited more than just a ten-place grid penalty – especially as he did much the same at Spa last year. Vettel was simply careless in his collision with Senna so a reprimand makes sense to me.

    Giving Maldonado the benefit of the doubt. perhaps he deleted his Tweet because he realised it was complete tosh. More likely, someone at Williams leant on him to do it before he got into trouble.


    Having just seen the collision between Vettel and Senna on youtube, that and maldonardo’s two brain-failures of collisions are in no way comparable.
    Vettel as you say seemed careless and made a misjudgment. It wasn’t a bad collision, just a minor kiss. No reason to penalize him for that. A reprimand seems sufficient at this point. If he does it again, then a penalty should and will come his way, no doubt.
    Maldonardo on the other hand has done pretty much the same thing twice and on both occasions many times worse then what Vettel did. I think he should keep quiet and just be happy that he was actually allowed on the grid after he sideswiped Lewis in Spa.
    He really isn’t coming across as a very like-able chap, thats for sure.


    Somebody forgot to tell Williams that tools are supposed to fix the car, not drive it.


    I have never understood why people delete their own controversial tweets. What’s done is done, if you’re listened to, that is, followed by one hundred thousand people, then, five minutes later, the whole world knows what you said and there’s no changing it.

    Talking about both incidents, I see two issues here. First, it is sometimes impossible to say for sure whether an accident was deliberate or not and, in my opinion, the clash between Maldonado and Perez at Monaco was one of such accidents, which is why stewards didn’t give Maldonado a harsher penalty. Second, I think that this is partly about how backmarkers and ‘pay drivers’ survive among the big boys. This is not the first time this year when Vettel acts carelessly, and, once again, he has been careless not when overtaking a driver of Alonso’s calibre but towards a ‘second tier’ driver.

    What I want to say is that the big F1 boys sometimes don’t treat their weaker mates with enough respect and that the ‘small’ boys like Maldonado, Karthikeyan and Senna need to fight back to gain this respect and survive in the F1 world. Maybe Maldonado hasn’t always chosen the right means for fighting but I think I can understand the reasons for his frustration.


    And after I post that comment, Maldo crashes in qualifying. Wow.


    @david-a If only there was a forum COTD…


    @Girts Maybe he got instructions to remove the tweets (wouldn’t be surprising from a sensible team even if they probably wish this tweet wasn’t post in the first place) …

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