Marussia Folding?


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    According to this article in RBK, a respectable Russian publication (http://top.rbc.ru/economics/07/04/2014/916222.shtml), Marussia Motors suspended all of its projects and is actively selling assets, since their concept appeared to be inviable. How do you think this will affect the future of the F1 team?

    Lucas Wilson

    Find new sponsor?


    I was never entirely convinced they ever really did anything apart from cobble together a couple of showroom concept cars.


    As it seems the company has never really produced a single car to be delivered to a customer, it was always likely to end. As for their involvement at Marussia – I think we already saw a bit of the money not being there at the end of last year, I am not sure it changes much for the team short time. But longer term, it certainly does give them something else to worry about – or maybe they can contact a certain Mr. Haas and offer to work together?


    Mr.Booth can still make a call to:

    • Mr.Haas
    • Richard Branson again
    • Spyker?
    • An energy drinks company not owned by the owner of the site of the last round of the World Championship Jochen Rindt walked out from alive.
    • Kickstarter :p

    I think it’ll be unlikely Haas will buy into Marussia or Caterham, since he seems to be wanting to base his team in the US. However, Kolles might be wise to take a look, since his facilities might have helped HRT, I don’t think it’ll be enough for F1.

    Hopefully the people working at Caterham and Marussia will find something if both teams fold.

    Bradley Downton

    I, for one, would love to see Spyker return! Although I highly doubt it will ever happen.


    Chance of a Ferrari B-team?

    Force Maikel

    O dear…

    Do hope they can finish the season and find a byer, I would hate to see them go.


    Chance of a Ferrari B-team?

    Ferrari hardly have a functional A-team at the moment.


    Marussia Motors has had a “controlling stake” since 2011, as reported by the BBC and The Telegraph, so the most logical decision now is to find a new investor (maybe something Middle-Eastern, who knows). However, I seriously doubt if anyone is interested in a team that has been trailing the field for five years in a row.



    Lucas Wilson

    Is that a joke? Quantum promised money they didn’t have.


    Could Manor not conceivably run the team? Or are they completely out of the picture after the Marussia buyout (I cant remember). I could imagine someone with a background of well run teams in lower formulae like Manor with a hands on role at this level would, at the minimum, run the team at the same level as currently and would have more success in raising the team up the grid than just another idiot with deep pockets (although deep pockets will help, but thats what decent sponsorship is for, which would be easier to come by for a genuine race team!)

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