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    Omar R

    After the good races Massa has been racing recently (remember he was asked not to be “too close to Alonso” in India (or Korea?) and qualifying better than Alonso in COTA and Interlagos (actually he could have scored more than Alonso in both races if it weren’t for Ferrari’s decisions) I have 5 questions about 2013, let’s see how good fortune tellers you are:
    1. Will Massa get on the podium again in 2013? How many times?
    2. (Quite related to the first) Will he win a race (or more than one) in 2013? (let’s imagine Alonso retires or is far behind to let the Scuderia make team decisions)
    3. Will he get more points than any of the champions? (Vettel, Button, Hamilton, Raikkonen, ALONSO?)
    4. Will the team make some “dirty” (but legal) trick on his car again?
    5. How many times will he outqualify Alonso? (just plain, forget penalties)

    6. Create a question related to Massa, and the next person who answers continues (a la “When it’s all said and done” post) :P


    1. Probably 5 times.
    2. I can see him winning 1 race.
    3. He may have a chance of beating Hamilton
    4. Yes, if Alonso stands to gain from it.
    5. Probably 7 to 8 times.

    6. Why have we seen a recent upswing in Massa’s form? (I’m really curious as to some theories. Did the contract serve as motivation? Did he finally get attuned to the car?)


    1. 6
    2. 1 or 2
    3. Hamilton and maybe Raikkonen
    4. When did Ferrari do a dirty tactic with Massa?
    5. 4
    6. ( @bobthevulcan) Because of no stress.

    Fer no.65

    @bobthevulcan they put something in his champagne bottle in Suzuka.


    @bobthevulcan They signed his contract for 2013.


    2. (Quite related to the first) Will he win a race (or more than one) in 2013? (let’s imagine Alonso retires or is far behind to let the Scuderia make team decisions)

    4. Will the team make some “dirty” (but legal) trick on his car again?

    Is it just me, or do these indeed suggest you believed the team favours Alonso in any circumstances?

    I think Massa has all he needs now to be more competitive in 2013, to return to his truly staggering and excellent pre-injury form, and if he consistently outperforms Alonso and will bethe sole driver in Ferrari to have a shot at the title then Ferrari – and Alonso – will not hesitate to help him as much as Massa helped Alonso in 2010 and in 2012.

    Ryan Williams

    1. Yes. I expect around 4 or 5 trips to the podium, hopefully more!
    2. Yes, 1 or 2.
    3. Lewis and Kimi are probably his main targets. Potentially Button
    4. Yes, but only if Alonso is in a championship winning position or stands to get any significant gain from it
    5. 7 or 8 times, potentially more

    6. Is 2013 going to be Felipe’s last year in a Ferrari?


    1. 7 or 8
    2. Yes, 1
    3. Hamilton, and maybe Raikkonen if the Lotus isn’t as good as this year’s.
    4. The team may do it, but only right at the end to support Alonso’s shot at the title.
    Early in the season, Alonso may show some muscle on the track, doing things like forcing his way past or beating Massa into the pitlane.
    5. 3
    6. Yes. (my money’s on Hulkenberg or Webber to replace him)
    If Massa could be any fruit or vegetable, which one would he be and why?


    @atticus-2 Good point on Alonso helping Massa. People were wondering why Massa’s still staying with the team despite being the 2nd driver. I believe it’s because he believes that he has as much a chance at the team as Fernando – and that he’s only a number 2 driver when he performs like one.

    Would be quite interesting to see him start the season better than his teammate and keep the speed while battling for a championship. Would Alonso help?


    1-5 yes.
    ok, 1. 6 races, 2. once, 3. yes, but not alonzo, 4. yes, but not until late in the season this time, 5. 5 times.
    In response to Bob’s question 6, I suspect that the car came to him over the course of Ferrari’s updates, if he could adapt his driving to the car he would have long ago.
    Tomsk’s 6: a strawberry, only briefly in season and easily walked over.
    My question 6: how many more seasons will he drive in F1, for any team?


    @enigma I think, if Alonso would be out of contention, he surely would.

    I really like how Massa drove towards the end of the year.

    I think he was a top driver before his injury and a strange one. One who started out as something like a Maldonado in 2002, and then… I think as opposed to most of the greatest drivers nowadays, the Alonsos, Vettels and Hamiltons, Massa had more diligence to his superiority than pure talent by the time he reached the top in 2008. A complete opposite of the Raikkonen of pre-2012. I always felt he reached that level by effectively humbly learning everything possible from Michael during their time together. His measured aggressitivy when clicked was reminiscent of Michael’s.

    People, I think, tend to overlook it, due to the resurgence of the Brawns and Vettel, but I think losing the championship the way he did in Interlagos in 2008 only made Massa even stronger: I saw those kind of 110% and faultless drives from him in 2009 as I only saw at the very top drivers. Consistently. It was just that that performance was only enough for 4th-5th places. Check his results.

    …And then, I saw that Massa never returning after what happened at the Hungaroring… I was so sad to see him go. He offered glimpses of what he was before towards the end of this year, and this is encouraging, I think.


    I think Massa’s recent form will set him up well for 2013 but his success depends on how good the Ferrari is. If they produce the fastest car on the grid then we could see Ferrari 1-2s all year long and he’ll get loads of podiums and loads of points, it’s also possible they’ll produce their worst car in recent memory and fail to get a single podium all year.


    1. Yes – I will guess three podium finishes.
    2. No – The field is too deep for that.
    3. Yes – He will outscore Hamilton.
    4. No – I’m not sure the Ferrari will be in title contention that deep into the season.
    5. He will outqualify Alonso three times.

    6. How many more seasons will he drive in F1, for any team? I suspect he will find a midfield team after Ferrari, so maybe three seasons more.

    My question: Will Alonso outscore Massa next year? If so, by how many points?

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