McLaren internal clash, 2012 points and more

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    Hi, I want to comment a couple of things which are spinning in my head:
    1. Button said a couple of days ago the battle is going to be between Vettel and Alonso. My point is: What about McLaren’ PR? He is already ruling Lewis out of the challenge!!! Well, he said “there are other drives who still have a shot” but I think McLaren is already setting Hamilton away. or that there’s now some rivalry between Button and hamilton?What do you think?
    2. There are 29 points between Alonso and Vettel, but in the Schum old days that would have been 11.6 points (make it 12 if you want).
    There are still 6 more rounds. The new system was created to make the victory more worthy (like 2.8 points, instead of the old 2 points between first and second).
    So, do you think Alonso could resist the charging drivers coming (and winning) for the title?


    he’s right. kimi is 3rd, and he’s not making up a 45 point deficit in 6 races.


    I believe Button is just being realistic.

    As I posted elsewhere, Alonso has been very consistent this year and it is quite reasonable to believe he can average 4th place each race for the rest of the season. If he does this he will be on 266 points.

    To beat that, Hamilton would need three wins, two second places and a third place. Or alternatively, five wins and a retirement.

    God forbid Alonso actually finishes on the podium in one or two of those races! In that case, even five wins wouldn’t be enough for Hamilton.


    I got really angry when LH had to retire… I saw this race as the last chance for him. Anyway, what most people didn’t notice is that the McLaren is still the most adaptable car right now. What happened here is a mix of really bad luck (remember the puncture?) and a disastrous performance of McLaren pit crew thorough the first half of season.
    I think McLaren has managed to resolve their pit problems, and I certainly don’t expect more bad luck… IMHO, Vettel is not a problem (in fact, I don’t think the RB8 as a reliable car), but Alonso indeed is. The guy is in every f*** podium picture. And I don’t think this is gonna change…
    BTW, I must expect a Hamilton gearbox change, don’t I? I can’t find a gearbox change table or schema, can you please point me to one? Thanks.


    If Alonso retires and either Hamilton or Raikkonen wins, then they’ll both be just about within a race win of Alonso. The Ferrari seems to be a worse car than the Lotus and McLaren at the moment, especially with the warm climate of the next circuits on the calendar. I think the top four are all still in it.

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