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    Ok, so not for real money, just for errr… Kudos? How does a slice of genuine 100% British beef kudos sound to you? You’re baited I can tell!!

    So the challenge is, to guess the time that Lowndes and or Button make it round the amazing Bathurst circuit in what I believe will be last years f1 car?

    Rules :

    1) you can ONLY submit one time per driver, and you can debate as much as you want. That one time for each driver is recorded here.

    2) no more guesses for 24 h before the event, so you can’t edit your comments after the fact.

    3) if the details change, that’s hard luck :)

    That’s it!!

    Prof Kirk

    Button – 2.04.9

    Lowndes – 2.06.0


    nah no way the V8 record is 2:08. I like the fact that one driver knows the car and the other knows the circuit. I’m gonna say…

    Button – 1:38

    Lowndes – 1:45


    Well, the V8s do Albert park in about 2:00, and last years pole lap was 1:23.9.

    Bahrain also hosts a V8 round, where the V8s lapped around the 2:05 mark in qualifying, and F1s do it around 1:34 (had to use 2009 results because of that stupid “endurance” layout in 2010).

    On a GP length track, there’s about 30-40 seconds difference. Bathurst is longer, but very tricky and I doubt that they will be dialled in as much and not really committing fully – as the risk of binning it in the wall is high – so the gap will be slightly less.

    My guess is therefore:

    Button – 1:37

    Lowndes – 1:39


    I’m gonna chuck my hat in the ring, and say :

    Button 1:35

    Lowndes : 1:40

    I think it’s the twists and turns from Skyline, through the Esses and into the Dipper that’ll keep them honest.. That’s why I think it’ll be slower than somewhere like Albert Park, where it’s generally not as tight or undulating..


    BTW, if anyone wants to check the track out :


    And here’s the current fastest lap around the circuit by the man himself Craig Lowndes at 2:06.8012



    I think it might be the 2008 McLaren, as that’s the car they’ve been using for these sort of activities recently.

    I don’t think they’ll be able to go 100% due to the nature of the circuit and the difficulty in setting up the car, so I’ll guess;

    Button 1:44

    Lowndes: 1:49


    You’d expect it to be the 2008, as it’s just a reliable, damn quick car. An who’d iuse the mp4-24 for promotional purposes?

    I’ll go for Button 1:42.935 (yeah thats right thousandths, how’d ya like me now?)

    Lowndes 1:46.846 (lol i get these things way out in the f1f precitions champinship so this ain’t gonna look good)

    Is button actually going to drive the Mp4-23?


    Button : 1:35.546

    Lowndes : 1:42.356


    How about grabbing r-Factor and actually trying?

    Prof Kirk

    I based my time on the fact that the track will have no grip from no racing, probably damp or dusty from weather, and the fact that I’m sceptical of how an F1 would handle the undulations in the track and if a driver could ever tame even 85% of the f1’s ability on that track, just because of how frightening it may be. That 2:06.8 by lowndes was 110% effort in the Folden so I suspect at 50% which they will be driving at, they will only just achieve faster times.

    But you can never predict the determination of a driver.

    Haplo’s got the right idea, if only I had r-Factor and a steering wheel!


    Button : 1:50.348

    Lowndes : 1:55:220

    Pure guess!


    2.06? No chance, I predict Jenson to be about 3-4 seconds faster than Lowndes posting a time of about 1.35.200

    2 minutes, haha.


    Well, let’s commission someone with r factor and a steering wheel! Then get some times from them :)


    Oh, and I think this is required viewing as well…. :)

    Great feature by Clarkson, comparing an F1 car, a WRC car and a road car.


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