McLaren’s “electronic trickery”

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    Here’s an interesting nugget from Mark Hughes’ Monaco Grand Prix report in Autosport:

    There is a piece of electronic trickery on the McLaren, which has been on both cars all year, and Button is now feeling it may be confusing his feel for the car, causing him to make poor set-up choices.

    Very curious. Any thoughts what it might be?


    Any thoughts what it might be?

    A new low in terms of racer excuses from Jenson


    Like as if Mclaren would put something on the car to slow it down. It obviously Button complaining and making excuses again. Typical.


    Or this could be an electronical “driver-aid” not like TC, but like an electronic motor in the servo changing the steering from linear to exponential, or heating pads near the wheels, or anything within the rules. Just because Button said it it does not mean it is just an excuse, it might be true.


    Haha good one @David-A !



    Like as if McLaren would put something on the car to slow it down.

    I’ve no idea where you’re getting that idea from. No part of what I wrote said the device is being used to make the car slower.

    Craig Scarborough

    I haven’t heard about any system, but we know Mercedes lost the fired overrun system as part of the EBD ban. This offset the brake balance shift with KERS, last year it also served as the hot blown mapping for off throttle diffuser blowing.

    May be the system is a new mapping solution to replicate this.

    We know that Button doesn’t like imbalance in the chassis, especially at the rear, perhaps the new system isn’t working as it should.


    Maybe the power steering? I joke, I joke :P


    Any thoughts what it might be?

    The adjustable brake duct?



    @goofy that is probably one of the few things we can exclude, as the adjustable part of that is done with completely mechanical by an engineer during pitstops.

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