Meaning of ”Fail 22 Fail”

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    Aish Heydrich

    I’m not sure if you wonderful F1 peeps discussed this in great length here, as I have been staying away from the boards for the past couple of months, but I wanted to know what “Fail 22 Fail” meant when it was radioed to Seb and Web towards the end of the Hungarian GP after Rosberg retired.

    Sky’s Crofty thought it would be a coded message about KERS failure for Vettel but that was working well for both of them, and why would anybody radio Webber about Seb’s KERS problem.

    I think it meant that Rosberg has failed to finish the race. First ‘2’ was meant for Mercedes being the second team in the title hunt and second ‘2’ was meant for Rosberg, being the No.2 driver.

    Apologies if this is a dealt issue here, kindly refer the link below.

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    2013 Hungarian Grand Prix team radio transcript

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