Mea culpa? Nah not really

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    Andre Furtado

    Oh Maldonado. Is it ever your fault?



    “I think it was something to do with tyre temperature or pressure. It was severe, the car just skated.

    I don’t know much about Pastor, but I wonder if it’s never his fault with women as well. Or if his parents ever told him anything else than ‘you’re special’.


    When I had the chance I went over the green part which is more slippery and I even lost more of the car over there, and that was it.

    Is he saying that he intentionally put it on the green slippery bit? Maybe that bit is just unfortunate phrasing in a non-native language. But is he then saying that that he was surprised that being on the slippery stuff and keeping his foot in it led to a crash? Or is that just unfortunate phrasing again, putting ‘even’ in the wrong place?

    Regardless, as the commentators said, why not just back off once it clearly wasn’t possible to easily get it back from the green bit onto the track? Let it run wider without any major throttle applications and use the nice tarmac run-off.

    Andre Furtado

    Another one during the race. Come on, how many times does this guy have to cause an accident? someone is going to die and it will be because of him.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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