Monaco redesigns around Tabac corner

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    I happened to stumble upon this piece of info via Alexander Wurz’s Twitter account.

    This was news to me, at least, I don’t know if you guys knew about it or not.

    From what I can gather, I would be very surprised if they’d make the corner faster, especially that that’d still mean no run-off, so I think they must be working on a small strip of run-off area there by removing those garages that were stick in there, under the upper promenade, for decades.

    That upper promenade now hosts the pit lane, of course, but it’s very interesting to see the upward slope of the road on the first pic – that ‘ramp’ was where the original circuit went up (they used to call it that way) before the layout took an early detour to the lower roads around the swimming pool beginning from 1973. Before that, cars swept up there then down the current pit lane in the ‘wrong way’ and connected back to the start/finish straight via the Gazometre hairpin at the far end that was about as tight as Loews.

    In the same pic, one can also see the old stone handrail, kind of unearthed from behind the garages. (This section north of the swimming pool did not receive the enlarging treatment the lower section got in 2003.)


    Is it possible they are trying to make the driver make a mistake or create overtaking opportunities? As the driver could take a wider racing line into the corner (so leaves room on inside) or out brake himself?


    My money is on simply creating run-off. That’s been a dangerous corner prone to red flag blockages.


    Do we know this isn’t just roadworks?


    I’m with @matt90 on this one. Going to assume it’s normal roadworks until we hear otherwise.


    Even if it’s roadworks, they’d be silly to block off that huge new area come the GP. Or create a pedestrian island to block it off permanently.

    So basically, I’m on the opposite – I assume it’ll affect circuit layout (in terms of run-off, most likely), until I hear otherwise.


    Its probably for the Formula e short ciruit. Pun not intended.


    Thanks for the additional info, @hunocsi.

    I wouldn’t have thought the newly-opened space will be filled again, lol. But seemingly that’s what they plan with that northern section also getting the enlargement the southern section got in 2003.

    It is yet another scenery change then, like that building on the seaside after the tunnel was.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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