Montezemolo bans Alonso from Ferrari tweets

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    bull mello

    In a remarkable move Montezemolo is taking away Fernando Alonso’s freedom of speech on his own Twitter account.

    “We will prohibit him from Twitter,” Montezemolo reportedly said during his interview with Italian television Rai Uno this week.

    “Although Alonso, like anyone else, can write on Twitter what he wants, everything concerning Ferrari will be communicated by Ferrari,” he added.

    Really, what is next, banning Alonso from speaking about Ferrari in interviews and press conferences, including F1 post race sanctioned events? What if he has something good to say? What is he supposed to talk about, the weather? Social media is a relatively new medium, but banning a driver from speaking about anything team related in any forum seems unprecedented. This is obviously not about giving away classified team information, but instead is directed toward any possible criticism of Ferrari. The truth must hurt. This will end in tears for somebody. What is a Samurai to do when someone tries to take away his sword?


    This is just blatant censorship. Awful.

    bull mello

    What LdM fails to realize is that this will hurt Ferrari far more than anything Alonso could ever say. Censorship is the worst PR move ever.

    Keith Collantine

    Does someone have a link to the original quote?


    @keithcollantine He said it during an interview with Italian TV channel Rai Uno. I think this link is as original as it gets:


    Bradley Downton

    Can someone explain to me what happened to start all this off?

    I saw this tweet from Keith:

    and was wondering if I’d missed some tweet from Alonso? Haha


    I think teams do have a little influence over all this twitter stuff though I feel there are some drivers who still keep it personal .
    Take for example the double tweets of Nico and Lewis which was featured in the round up . I was shocked !
    Yeah , but if this is true , it’s a bad thing to say by LDM which is again , not uncommon . LDM always wants to get naughty doesn’t he . First it was giving knives as presents , then the Ferrari -Alonso web page ear tweak and now this . Ferrari better up their game next year or he will lose his cool further. I am exceedingly curious as to how Kimi will deal with this stuff next year . I have a vague memory of a video I saw in youtube where Kimi talls LDM’s manager to sod off while doing an ad.

    Aish Heydrich

    And this is why Vettel is the champ. He is above all this social media. So is Kimi. Drivers like Lewis, Alonso and Webber were so much into these stuff it affected their focus on track.


    This is so stupid. Luca will end up pushing Alonso too far and he’ll leave for McLaren when really it’s Montezemolo who should go. He’s a complete nightmare.

    I don’t think tweeting has ever stopped anyone winning a title- from doing revision yes, but not from racing well.


    And this is why Vettel is the champ. He is above all this social media. So is Kimi. Drivers like Lewis, Alonso and Webber were so much into these stuff it affected their focus on track.

    I find that extremely hard to believe.


    The true samurai would never allow himself to be silenced by his sensei, if the values he holds are indeed those of his heart.

    Max Jacobson

    I don’t think twitter affects their driving directly, but it can definitely affect their morale and mentality. By staying well clear of Twitter, Vettel and Räikkönen have only helped their careers (even if it is slightly disappointing as a fan having no way to interact with my favourite driver).

    Mike Dee

    It is not only Twitter though. Vettel has no MW Arden team, no MW Challenge, is not trying to buy a bicycle Team, no on-and-off girlfriend in America, no Triathlon team, is staying clear of Samurai books, etc… Now I really do not condemn those things, as there is nothing wrong with it, and I am happy for F1 drivers to do all that and live a public life besides F1. But it must be true that these things distract from F1 racing. Some more, some less, but they do.


    Why do I get this feeling that LdM is trying to drive Fernando out, without Ferrari initiating it (i.e. paying him to leave)? I really think LdM wants someone else in that car – ideally Vettel (whose willingness to drive for the Scuderia is no secret), possibly Hulkenberg.

    This LdM-Alonso marriage is starting to sound more and more as one of convenience, more than anything else.


    I think history has shown that once the relationship between a Ferrari driver and the Scuderia starts to break down, no matter how good the driver, that relationship is then doomed to come to an end.

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