Montreal marshal in ‘critical condition’ after post-race crane accident

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    News from the Montreal Gazette:

    An incident near the end of the Canadian Grand Prix has sent a track worker to hospital in critical condition.

    The worker, said to be 38, was escorting a Sauber car that had just hit the wall in the Senna Corner when he tripped and was backed over by a crane. The crane operator did not see the man fall, said Jacques Bouchard, the chief medical officer at the Grand Prix.

    The worker was stabilized on site before he was helicoptered to Sacré Coeur Hospital.

    The incident happened with less than four laps to go in the race when Sauber-Ferrari driver Esteban Gutierrez hit the wall only seconds after leaving pit lane. That required a caution flag and a crane was called in to remove the car from the side of the track.

    Horrible news to hear after a very safe, accident free race…


    Encouraging news:


    FIA has just confirmed the marshall has died.
    Very very sad news.
    These things sadly happen in real life, but it’s so sad when you know
    these guys do it for free and the love of the sport… and than this happens :(

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