More Formula 1 second winter tyre test photos

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    Anthony Campbell

    Good afternoon fellow fans.

    I was very fortunate this week to be given a paddock pass for the second tyre test at the Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona. It give me access to parts of the F1 experience which isn’t normally available. I was keen to take advantage and snapped away whenever I had a chance. Here’s my best pics:


    Feedback much appreciated.


    Very nice – I like this one, caught the light well here:



    ‘second tyre test’
    hi. it wasnt a tyre test, it was just a normal test. Pirelli do conduct their own specialised tyre tests however! ;)

    Your photos are amazing!

    Anthony Campbell

    Thanks :)

    Anthony Campbell

    I didn’t notice that – good spot!


    Anthony- some great shots there mate!!
    You said that you got a Paddock Club ticket, I assume that is similar to what you would get for a race weekend as well? Usually the Paddock Club would be open bar & food, and the great extra’s like the pit walks etc. I assume tickets would be cheaper than a normal GP as well.

    I was thinking attending a 4 days test you would see a heap more of the F1 boys on track, a heaps less crowds and could be cheaper for the hotels and that as well??

    Just looking for your thoughts or from any others who have been to a test. There seems to be a few travel packages on the market as well so has anyone booked through any of these??

    Anthony Campbell

    No far off mate.

    In general at an F1 test you get much much more access. In fact, I was really surprised at how open the Circuit de Catalunya was.

    You’re also right that tickets are cheaper. In addition, traveling in February proves to be good value in comparison to the rest of the year – especially if you book early. For me another attraction is Barcelona, I’m a big fan of the city and know it well. So combine that with an F1 test and I’m sold.

    Finally, from photography point of view I should point that there can be a lot less track activity than say a GP practice session. You often find yourself hanging around waiting for the next car. Each team only runs a single car and box frequently. In once sense that’s good as you can experiment with a lot more view points. However, if you’re practicing a particular technical or style you might want a bit more track activity!

    Hope this helps :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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