Most dominant F1 cars

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    Lucas Wilson

    As much as I hated 2011, I will be forever in awe of the Red Bull RB7, must’ve stuck to the road like an egg to a frying pan.


    If you think that’s dominant, you’ve really missed out on history. Then again, it makes it easier to wish meteors to hit Vettel if you tell yourself it’s all the car, right ;-) .

    In an effort to make this a serious topic, let’s make a top 10:
    1. Mercedes-Benz W196 (1954)
    2. Ferrari T500/52 (1952/53)
    3. Williams-Renault FW14B (1994)
    4. McLaren-Honda MP4/4 (1988)
    5. Ferrari F2002 (2002)
    6. McLaren-Mercedes MP4/12 (1998)
    7. Ferrari 053 (2004)
    8. Red Bull-Renault RB7 (2011)
    9. McLaren-Honda MP4/4 (1989)
    10. Tyrrell-Cosworth 001-3 (1971)

    R.J. O’Connell

    I always think about lists like this, and the one thing I always get hung up on is trying to decide between the F2002 and F2004 as the most dominant Ferrari of that generation.

    Both won the same number of races (15), the F2004 had one more pole, F2002 had one more fastest lap, and the F2002 ran one less race (19 to 20 for the F2004).


    I see I flipped 2002 and 2004 on my list.
    So 2004 is 5th for me, 2002 is 7th.

    I like to also see what the other driver did with that same car. Barrichello got much better results in 2004, even if you consider the extra race.


    Don’t forget the Alfa Romeo 158, which won 27 consecutive GPs between 1946 and 1951.


    @mnmracer The FW14B is from 92.
    Most dominant car is surely the MP4/4. Would have won all 16 races in the season if Schlesser and Senna hadn’t come together at Monza.

    Jon Sandor

    The 1984 McLaren MP4/2. Lauda and Prost finished the season 1-2 in it and won 12 of the 16 GP’s that year.

    I’d say that a car can never truly be called “dominant” unless it finishes a season 1-2. It’s probably a tossup between the 1988 MP4/4 and the 2002 Ferrari F2002 as to which was the most dominant. I’d vote for the MP4/4.

    Jon Sandor

    The RB7 was a great car in SV’s hands, and a pretty ordinary one in Webbers. That falls short of being “dominant” in the sense I’m using the term. The nearest thing to a dominant RB was the RB6, the only RB in which Mark looked like a viable championship contender and came close to finishing the season as runner-up.


    I haven’t been watching for all that long and so have only seen 1 dominated championship by the RB7. I am not fantastic at F1 history but was there not a 1960’s lotus that should be on that list?


    The Ferrari F2002 and F2004 are probably the most dominant cars of the modern era, with the MP4/4 and FW14B being the most dominant of the one before that. The Mercedes was unbeatable in 1954-55, much like the Ferrari of 1952-53 (though those seasons were run to F2 regulations, with little worthwhile competition).

    @carnivorouspope The 60s’ Lotuses were very fragile and never looked like being totally dominant. Even the 72 which won Rindt the title was challenged by Ickx in the Ferrari. Even Andretti in ’78 was challenged by the Brabham fan car which was brought down by politicking.

    Don’t get me wrong, these were fine cars, but they weren’t clearly much better than everyone else in the way that the truly dominant cars were.

    Craig Woollard

    I’m surprised nobody has said the Lotus 25 yet… 14 wins, 14 poles, 18 fastest laps, 2 WDCs and WCCs and was used for quite a few years. The Williams FW07 also took 2 WCCs and a WDC. Other honourable mentions to the Ferrari 126C (2 WCCs), the Williams FW18 (1 WDC, 1 WCC), the McLaren M23 (top 3 in WCC for 4 years running, 2 WDCs and 1 WCC) and also to the Red Bull RB6 (1 WDC, 1 WCC), and the Alfa Romeo 158 (1 WDC).


    @lin1876 You say that but the years Clark won his titles in 63 and 65, out of a possible 20 races he won 13. Given he skipped Monaco in 1965 to do the Indy 500 its actually 13/19. That’s pretty dominant, although split between the Lotus 25 and the 33.


    I will stick with recent history.

    1. 1988 McLaren
    2. 1996 Williams
    3. 2004 Ferrari
    4. 1992 Williams
    5. 2002 Ferrari
    6. 1987 Williams
    7. 1993 Williams
    8. 1989 McLaren
    9. 2011 Red Bull
    10. 2001 Ferrari


    Since I’ve been watching the sport (1996), there have been 7 standout cars

    1) Williams FW17 (1997)
    2) Mclaren MP4-12 (1998)
    3) Ferrari F2002 (2002)
    4) Ferrari 053 (2004)
    5) Brawn BGP 01 (2009)
    6) RB6 (2010)
    7) RB7 (2011)


    I’m surprised that no one up until now has mentioned the 1996 Williams yet. Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve dominated that championship while Michael Schumacher was powerless to do anything about it.
    Do you need any more evidence to prove that the car was a monster?

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