Motor racing circuit layouts… with a twist

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    Great thread, I loved the corner names and the title of the Japanese race (serious LOLs). My only concern is Tilke will see this and get so excited about all the squiggles he’ll commission them all!

    zomtec, that is a great catch.

    By the way I feel obligated to tell you Vancouver is in Canada!

    Ned Flanders

    Anything ajokay can do I can do better… or, in this case worse

    Tajikistan: http://img145.imageshack.us/i/p1000362x.jpg/

    About as obscure a country as you’ll get, it does have a rather unusual shape which makes for an interesting layout. The ‘Formerly Soviet Sweeps’ are designed to be like Turn 8 at Istanbul Tajikistan is so mountainous- it’s known as the Switzerland of Central Asia- so there can be some interesting elevation changes in there too. The dashed lines surrounding parts of the circuit are grandstands. It’s probably my favourite design

    Ukraine: http://img411.imageshack.us/i/p1000363v.jpg/

    The start finish runs along the border with Poland. I had to add a couple of chicanes- at Kiev and the Crimea- for safety reasons

    Finland: http://img541.imageshack.us/i/p1000364b.jpg/

    Not much to say about this, it’s fairly boring. But it does pass Santa’s house up in Lapland!

    Russia: http://img208.imageshack.us/i/p1000365s.jpg/

    Russia is the longest country on Earth, thus the Siberiaokruh Circuit would be the longest track in F1. The drivers will reach speeds of well over 200mph on the long Mongol straight, through a scaled down Ural Mountains, and there’s a stadium section around the Kamchatka peninsula (which for reasons unknown I labelled on the map as ‘Kamat’!)

    Bahrain: http://img337.imageshack.us/i/p1000367il.jpg/

    Well it’s in the news at the moment and it has a decent shape for an F1 track. But like aj I found the North East area a bit tricky, which led to the formation of the alliterative ‘Mickey Mouse of Manama’. The long curves on the west coast look pretty cool though, and there are two good overtaking spots

    India: http://img580.imageshack.us/i/p1000368k.jpg/

    The Pakistani Motorsport Association will presumably be boycotting any races at this circuit, because not only did I claim all of Kashmir for India, I pinched even more land north of Kashmir too!

    Canada: http://img268.imageshack.us/i/p1000372f.jpg/

    I actually did two different versions of this track which looked completely different, because the countless Arctic islands leave plenty of room for interpretation

    PS, the eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that the name Bobby Robson is very faintly visible in a lot of my maps. That’s not a fancy watermark like Ajokay’s, it was just the book by paper was resting upon!


    What a brilliant thread!

    Ned and AJ, those are some magnificent designs!


    Really tempted to have a go at this tonight! Must get my geography head on…


    I really like your ones ned.

    problem is I look at a lot of these circuits and think “hmm…no overtaking!” I guess that will be fixed in 2013 though.


    @Ned – I’m loving these, and you’ve got the right idea… Unlike the Mexico and Yorkshire tracks. I wasn’t looking for actual outlines of the countries, unless you are designing a 50-mile long pre-war style road course, you need to simplify and smooth out the borders and coastlines into some useable straights and bends.

    @ Prisoner Monkeys – it is a bit of a squiggle on the USA track past the Great Lakes, but in my mind I see it like the Esses section of Road Atlanta, back and forth several times whilst heading downhill, and that’s an excellent piece of track. Maybe not suitable for F1, but still a great piece of track.

    @ Icthyes – Yup, I know Vancouver is in Canada, but the notch cut out of that corner of Washington state is caused by Vancouver island. Maybe we could rename it Seattle Chicane? Ohh, or maybe the Sounders Chicane? Or in true American style: ‘The Seattle Chicane presented by Microsoft’ Yeah, I like that…


    LOL, Ajokay for the Seattle Chicane presented by Microsoft! Just yesterday I had a short look at the NASCAR event (MAG gave me the Idea). I got in during an ad break, for a F150 (the Ford one, not the 150th Italia bs), then the AT&T presented “AT&T pitstop challenge award” or something.

    Really love the idea of this. Neds India and Russian circuits look really interesting.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Here’s a few I’ve done:



    This wasn’t actually that difficult, though I’m not a fan of the back half of the lap. The section from Aceh to Papua looks realy good, as does the final bend, but I think I should have skipped the section around East Timor down the bottom.



    Japan, with crossovers to divide the islands (the gaps represent which section of track goes over and which goes under). I really like this one; I think it came out quite well.



    A circuit to go with Ned’s Tajikistan. I think there’s some very nice-looking corners, eve if the last section is a little Mickey Mouse.



    A personal favourite, probably because the layout is so simple.



    It might be an odd choice for a location, but I think this would be massively popular with the fans. Just check out that section along the Pacific Ocean …

    New Zealand


    Another one I’m not a fan of, probably because all the corners feel like chicanes – but I had to do something with it, otherwise it would have been boring.



    A real hidden gem. This one is not only nice and fast, but the slow bits look interesting, too. Israel might not like the bits around the Golan Heights, though.



    It was interesting trying to make this one work, but I think it’s better off as a national circuit than a Formula 1 venue.

    Stephen Jones

    great idea! and wow that bahrain karting track looks familiar..

    Dan Thorn

    This thread is just epic. I love the Tajikistanring and the GB circuit!

    These are all done (badly) in MS Paint by someone with minimal artistic merit, so bear with me…

    I’m from Cornwall and though it isn’t a country in it’s own right, a high amount of the population beleive it should be.

    Going in an anti clockwise direstion from the Launceston straight, the track is a mixture of high speed, sweeping direction changes into diffucult braking zones for tight corners.

    Italian circuit…wasn’t going to upload this as the alpine section is a bit naff and it’s a bit too chicaney, though I like the Sicilian loop.

    Quite like my Panama circuit – initially I had the entire northern coast as a simple line, but I added in some more interesting features to break it up a bit. Overall it looks pretty high speed.


    I wondered when you were going to show up Dan.

    Dan Thorn

    Haha! I hope I haven’t disappointed you with my lazy editing…


    @Dan – Ahh, Bude hairpin. Spent several years of happy-ish summers there.

    @Damon – I like the way you’ve set up your own circuit design company!

    Ned Flanders

    ‘Eyre pin’… oh hardy har

    I’m going to have another go at this when I can be bothered- I recommend the hand drawn versions me and ajokay have done, although admittedly it took me quite a while to print off loads of country outlines, upload the photo’s from my camera onto the PC and then internet etc.


    Yer right there Ned, can’t beat a bit of pen ‘n’ ink. I’m gonna get my USA track into a 3D modelling program at some point in the next few days, I really wanna flesh it out.

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