Motor racing circuit layouts… with a twist

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    Anybody wanna do a track for Israel? It looks pretty cool for a track. I tried one but it was so fail…

    Grant Bigham

    @ Ajokay

    What 3D modelling program will you be using to create the track?

    Btw…these are pretty awesome! I’m liking the UK track lol.


    3DsMax 2011, I should think!


    Best topic ever!


    Upon deciding to upgrade the idea to continents I ended up with a track that’s too long I think. Should be about 10 km or so, definitely longer than Spa. Treat it as a small Nordschleife :). Besides that I’m quite pleased. Lots of kinks and high-speed direction changes. No real spots for overtaking except for the last chicane, though!


    Btw – the pit lane is the left string. Forgot to label the start/finish line.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Here’s a few more that I’ve developed:



    The original version was a lot like the others that got posted. But it felt like there were simply far too many chicanes. So I smoothed it out a little, and went for the stylised representations of countries, which I feel work better because you’re not a slave to the coastline and you can get better edges. My favourite section is probably the part around Adelaide.



    This is not a country that I was expecting to produce a good layout. And yet, here it is. I think it would be a teriffically fast circuit with a few technical bits to hit the drivers were it hurts. I especially like the section up around Jammu and Kashmir, which I think would be very difficult to get right – especially on the new Pirellis. I also like the dip along the border with Iran.



    The Juan Pablo Montoya Memorial Circuit (so named after JPM was tragically killed in an accident that was never fully explained involving a pie, a cameraman who got to close and a deer that somehow got loose in the paddock) is a forerunner to Pakistan. It’s not as good as Pakistan, because there’s simply no rhythm to it. And unlike the South Korean circuit, it doesn’t even have a negative rhythm.



    This one will be controversial. I originally tried with Croatia, but it was too tight. Then I looked at Macedonia and Bosnia, but they were basically just circles. And the Serbian one looked horrible. So I decided to approach them as one, put together the former Yugoslavia and played around with the internal borders. It’s not the best, but it’s better than anything I had until then. I haven’t actually marked the start/finish line and direction on this one. It’s run anti-clockwise, and the start line is along the border between Macedonia and Greece.


    Well I just tried to do my own one of the Isle of Man, but it does seem I’m rather rubbish at this game. Some awesome tracks though, I think it should every new country to enter the calender should now be mandated to have their track designed by F1Fs making the track the shape of the country.

    Dan Thorn

    Here’s two more I’ve done.

    Vatican GP http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b339/cheddarcheese89/VaticanGP.jpg

    The outline of the Vatican City follows existing roads and as such would lend itself well to a street style circuit.I’ve tried not to include too many right angle chicaney bits and there are a few interesting corners.

    Somalian GP http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b339/cheddarcheese89/SomalianGP.jpg

    I really like this one it starts on the east coast and goes in an anti clockwise direction. It’s fast and flowing with good overtaking spots, there’s a Maggots-Becketts inspired complex along the north coast and an insane, long, changing radius left hander to finish the lap, which is preceded by a nasty kink. Tyre wear is through the roof on this track.

    Ned Flanders

    Ahh Dan you beat me to the Somalian track! That country has an odd shape

    I’m going to print off a few more countries to map later. Does anyone have any requests?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Cameroon. Ecuador. North Korea. Armenia.


    All I ask is that they’re lovingly hand-drawn, and have some named corners!

    Ned Flanders

    Don’t you worry about that ajokay!


    Here’s my attempt at peru:


    Sorry for the awful quality-It was taken with my phone.


    @F1Alex (nice name, by the way) – My mum’ll like this one, She loves Peru. Could call it the Incan Grand Prix!

    I can imagine the hairpin and the medium-length 180 bend at the end of the lap would be very tricky, what with an uphil run to a blind crest through the hairpin, and a slightly banked, steep downhill run to the start/finish straight.

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