Motor racing circuit layouts… with a twist

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    Yeah, that’d be pretty exciting!

    There aren’t many overtaking spots, though.

    Here’s one for Kenya:


    It has an optional chicane towards the end of the lap, although I’d probably prefer it with the chicane. Not sure about the pit exit though.

    The Luxembourgring:


    I forgot to mark the start/finish, but obviously it’s next to the pits, and it’s meant to be driven clockwise. The pit exit is again in a dodgy position, but I think the section from Petange up to Buurgplaatz could be quite interesting. :)

    At PM’s request here’s Ecuador:


    The first turn could be taken with or without the insanely tight chicane.


    I really hope you haven’t defaced someone’s atlas with these! Maybe for Kenya, lose the chicane in the back straight and relocate the pits and start there for an easier pit exit. And smoothing out the middle section of the Ecuador track could make for a really old-fashioned fast circuit.


    LOL Nah, I just printed off some maps from the internet.

    Yeah, that’d probably be better, and turn one would be pretty awesome as they’d go into “Mombasa Corner” at almost top speed. I could actually imagine it with a little bit of banking, maybe like how T1 is at Anderstorp, which would make it even faster.

    Your Ecuador suggestion would be pretty cool as well.



    Ok so my track is based in Dublin, (Capital of Ireland).

    Ok so its a bit long at 34 miles, but includes a few iconic views as it runs along the marina bay (sounds fancy ?), then goes under the bridge and out around the docks, then comes back over the bridge,with a flat out strech into some bend and then into a tight right hander. Then a 2 mile flat out section up to a 90 degree left hander,it then crosses the M1 and M50 motorway, past the airport, and after a bendy tight section, your back to the finish line.

    Ned Flanders

    Well, I thought I’d give this thing another go. This time, however, I’ve thrown in a bonus circuit:



    Probably the pick of the bunch. I had to run a small amount of the track through the Bosnian corridor to get to the Dubrovnik exclave, but we can expect to see some overtaking down in the pearl of the Adriatic. The Zagreb Sweeps would be the best corners on the track. Also, first person to decipher the name gets a pat on the back!



    Another country with an odd shape. I decided to incorporate the Baja California peninsula to give the track a more distinctive shape. The three tight hairpins it creates are a bit dull but the Rio Grande esses make up for that



    Not too much to say about this one. I use the straightline ‘border’ with Western Sahara (which is possibly the most obscure country on Earth) as the start finish straight, and there are some nice flowing corners



    I didn’t create this circuit. Kim Jong il did. In fact, he built it on his own. In a single day. Even though he had two broken arms. And before he went to bed that evening he still had time to write 6 opera’s. ALL HAIL THE GREAT LEADER



    I’ve tried to make my circuit look a bit different from the previous attempts at Australia. I see it as a kind of Monza of the Southern Hemisphere: a flat out blast round the desert broken up by a few chicanes and hairpins

    And, last but not least…



    I thought I’d bend the rules a bit and build a track around Bernie’s distinctive features. There aren’t many stand out corners on there admittedly, but that’s just the price you’ve got to pay when you want to race on that wrinkled old face


    LOL Bernie’s face-awesome!


    @Ned. First of all I know you’re lying, because The “Dear Leader’s” arms don’t break! Second, Bernie’s face is excellent. Especially the “hair” pin.

    Ned Flanders

    Haha I must admit I was completely oblivious to locating the hairpin in his hair!

    Stephen Jones

    haha ned, i laughed so hard as i read “BERNIE ECCLESTONS FACE”


    Shame you spoiled the Australia track. :-(


    I saw the great leader refrained from building in the south loop there Ned! Croatia looks a bit like a mirrored Spa, could be pretty interesting drive.

    I really like that take on Bernie. Where did you put in the Bahrain pothole (newly added for 2011 only)?

    That Australian GP might be quite a good drive, shame Tasmania could not be added for obvious reasons :-D

    Dan Thorn

    Great stuff Ned, love the Croatia and Mexico tracks!


    @Ned – Equal parts track design and political/social commentary, but excellent all the same. Australia track is good, reminds me of a slightly altered thruxton. I’m gonna have my own go at Australia myself, I think, looks like it can produce a good layout

    I like the fact that the south loop of the Moroccan track is closed pending a UN investigation. I guess the reason Western Sahara is one of the most obscure countries on earth is due to the fact that half the world doesn’t officially recognise it. It doesn’t even have a flag… you can’t have a country without a flag!

    I really like that Mexico track. Looks like it coud actually properly work. Plus There’s nothing wrong with 3 hairpins in quick sucession in F1 nowadays. I think it’s a legal requirement. Plus it shares the Rio Grande ‘rapids’ with the USA track.

    Croatia… you’ve spelt Ferrari wrong.

    Bernie’s face. Should it not be the FOCA Hair-piece?

    @irishlad – I think you’ve ever so slightly missed the point. It’s not to come up with a street track, but to use the outline of a country/continent/city/state/county as a guide for the shape of a race track. Although you could scale yours down to something about 3 miles long, smooth out some of the corners and kinks, and you’d get quite a nice track.

    Ned Flanders

    “Croatia… you’ve spelt Ferrari wrong”

    Oh damn- so I have. But the sentiment remains

    Dan Thorn

    Thought I’d do a couple more…



    Having done one for my home county of Cornwall, I thought I’d also do one for my current county of Somerset. Some real nasty kinks in there and a few nice sweeping bends, but nothing really amazing.



    A track of two halves. Running clockwise, the first half is full of stop start stuff, but the second half really opens out. The final hairpin is a great passing spot, la Sepang.



    The best one I’ve done so far; the shape of the island lends itself so well to circuit design. Someone make this NOW.

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