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    I couldn’t come up with a suitable title for the thread so I chose that one ^^^

    Anyway, this morning I remembered a couple of TV moments with F1/Motorsport-related content that I thought I’d share. Neither have any real relation to documentories or live footage, etc. Has anyone got any simular videos they’d like to share?

    The first is from the early 1990’s, starring British comedy duo Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, both now know world-wide for their twitter account and playing a limping American doctor respectively. But before then they did, amongst other things, a sketch show.

    Here is Fry in the role of interviewer, interviewing Laurie, who has just won an F1 race:

    And the second is an advert I remember for Bizarre Creations’ PlayStation game F1 ’97, starring an actor as a fictional F1 driver (driving for Jordan):


    This is the video which got me into motorsport in the first place, sort of an end of season thing for the 1991 circuit of Ireland. I would watch it over and over as a child. The last ~3 minutes (starting around 13:00) is still one of my favourite motorsport montages, pure nostalgia.


    Some of the other videos of the championship in the early 90s really highlight the quality of driver Colin McRae was. You’d be used to watching drivers braking up to a corner, going round it and accelerating away, while McRae would come along and take the whole thing sideways at full throttle.

    @KeithCollantine Oh wow, I remember those videos. Mostly the trucks and 4 Escorts consecutively falling off the road at the same corner during a rally. There goes the rest of my days work, off to YouTube…

    Keith Collantine

    I hadn’t seen that second one before – it’s a bit creepy actually!

    Keith Collantine

    @Muzzleflash The equivalent for me would be the old Front Runner Car Wars videos – I’m sure @ratboy will agree!

    I know the commentary almost word-for-word on this one:


    Apparently all the drivers got away unhurt but knowing the safety standards of the time some of those will have you wincing…

    Also, what was that driver’s name at 20:52?

    Dan Thorn

    Woah! Car Wars is on YouTube! I must have watched that video to death when I was a kid.

    “Apparently, cochon is the French word for pig!”

    “And the award for best Oscar goes to Crasher Laurrari”

    I’m going to have a lot of fun re watching that later, thanks Keith!


    A mixture of spoof commercials by Jasper Carrott, some of them motoring related and of course the Renault 19 advert is there as well…

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