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    I was just browsing the App Store and I stumbled across a Japanese app that claims to stream f1 content for ¥500 per race or a season pass for ¥1500 ($5-$15). Maybe this is only in the Japanese store, but the description is in English.
    I don’t know if it’s FOM approved, but it was in the ‘featured’ section.
    If the commentary was in English then it’s a good deal anyway.


    I just did a google search and it appears legit. A uk company no less either.



    Looks like it’s a local deal, just happens to be developed by a UK company. Who has the TV rights now there, Fuji? I suspect instead of developing the app themselves, they’ve got this UK developer to develop the app, similar to the Sky Player in the UK. So it’s a local app, not a global one.


    I got a reply about the commentary;

    Thank you for your email and interest in F1 on Zume.

    With the exception of this weekend,
    where we will be bringing Zume users live Japanese commentary directly
    from the Suzuka circuit during the Japan GP,

    Zume users are able to enjoy our English commentary
    which is exclusively tailored to enjoying the features of the F1 on Zume App f
    or all other races in the 2013 season.

    Our commentary team of Tom Gaynor
    and Jack Clarke along with Producer Lucy Holmes
    bring each Grand Prix Weekend and Session to life,
    so don’t miss out on the action.

    Best Regards

    F1 on Zume

    Ever heard of these guys at all?

    paul vinter

    I was at the Japanese Grand Prix last weekend and I saw several people using these on tablets. From what I could see it looked really good. I streamed Radio 5 Live using a VPN which gave us good commentary but the Zume system seemed very good indeed. Fuji do have the rights in Japan but it is on a pay channel rather than being broadcast for free as it was there ten years ago.

    GT Racer

    They have a bunch of videos from the service on there youtube page.

    As I understand it this is a deal done between FOM & the Japanese broadcaster, Much like the deal with Sky in the UK for there Mobile/Tablet F1 app.

    Content available should be identical as well, The 6 feeds produced by FOM (world-feed, In-car Mix, Pit Lane, Timing, Driver Tracker & Rolling Highlights) as well as additional in-car feeds & app defined page layouts & audio options.

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