New or return of real players in Formula One

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    As per latest inputs i´m Reading, it seems that RedBull might be Selling their Milton Keynes´s structure to AUDI. Furthermore, they could also Sell their Faenza´s structure to RENAULT Sport F1.

    Due the long term contract in place, what about IF they buy the current Caterham facilities in Leafield, Oxfordshire, and prove once again their Capabilities to mantain within the TOP 3 in the World Constructors’ Championship? Please share your thoughts.


    Only article I’ve seen on this is Mateschitz refuting the rumour, what other sources do you have?

    Audi have continually denied any interest in F1 and their motorsports programs have always tried to maintain a road-relevance (Quattro, TDI) so short of an e-tron hybrid link, which they already achieve through their WEC program I don’t see why they would bother.

    Also, why would Red Bull sell the Milton Keynes site they’ve invested millions in just to buy another facility they’d then need to invest more in. Makes no sense either.


    Pure fiction, all of it!


    @vpoliver-2 The next thing we know VW might announce Red Bull as Porsche’s #1 team.


    @vpoliver-2 The next thing we know Red Bull might be planning to be Porsche’s main team if that happens……..


    Here some more inputs regarding the potential New Business:

    RENAULT buying Torro Rosso => http://www.grandprix247.com/2015/03/15/marko-confirms-renault-in-toro-rosso-takeover-talks/

    VW/AUDI to establish some partnership with Red Bull Racing => http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/red-bull-racing-s-f1-future-in-doubt-490864/?v=2&s=1

    Stay tuned and be happy!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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