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    Hi all. Its my first post, so be gentle.

    I’ve long since liked the idea of the points going further down the grid than 10th. It mostly comes to mind, when I see Williams coming 11th regularly (last season), but scoring no points, so still being last in the constructors. And then one lucky results can catapult a team ahead of several others.

    But when I think about how I would score points all the way to 20th, it starts to look a bit ugly. All the stats get way too complicated, when working out who can still win the title and things like that. Sometimes simplicity is better.

    So I thought of a half way house. Excuse me if it has already been proposed, but I haven’t seen it before.

    Keep the drivers championship points as they are now, but introduce the new points scheme down to last place, for the constructors championship. That way, all the stats and records around drivers, remain intact. But teams have a reason to scrap over 18th and 19th. And over a season, it should give a more accurate picture of which team did better than the other.

    Other caveats I thought of. To avoid slow cars, or even cars with only 3 wheels, trying to drag themselves to the finish to not miss out on the last points, if you go 2 or more laps down on the lead car, you score zero points, regardless of position.

    What do you all think?

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