New races must stop

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    On another note, we’ve drifted far from our original topic of new races and their status on the calendar.

    To refocus the discussion, in the original post on this thread, @joey-zyla posited:

    I honestly don’t care how good the circuit itself is, I don’t want yet another new circuit.

    A thesis I must strongly disagree with. A track should not be judged on whether it is a newcomer to the calendar, but by its defining characteristics, whether it contributes to the make-up of the F1 calendar, and the quality of racing it produces.

    Force Maikel

    @prisoner-monkeys although I mostly agree with your postings in this topic however I do believe that F1 needs a bit protectionism towards the European “classic” or “ historical” races, however you want to put it. These races form the base of the sport and they have been working hard to preserve their races, going as far as completely redesigning their tracks —> Hockenheim, Silverstone! I agree with @joey-zyla when he says that there should be a new race every 5 years or so not this rubbish we’ve had over the past years. How in god’s name is a new track going to make a name for itself as you have said @prisoner-monkeys if the next year another venue is stepping into the spotlight.

    Personally I like Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Austin. They are great tracks that surely will grow into historical venues themselves. Korea however will disappear be assured of that —> Dust and empty stands don’t last long in F1. India is a different story, yes a lot of dust but filled stands, a great track honored by drivers but boring racing so far. I’m intrigued to see how that one will pan out.

Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)
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