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    On the Sky Sports coverage the ‘Just Drive’ song has admittedly run its course, I have got sick of it.

    If a new song was to be chosen for Sky, what would you like it to be?


    ELP- Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression) or Tarkus

    Or (a more realistic idea) Focus – Sylvia


    I was even thinking of ‘Say My Name’ by Peking Duk. I could see Sky doing something with that.


    Something badass. For example Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf.
    The current song on Sky is terrible.


    Funnily enough I was just thinking the other day they should use this for Formula E (and not that terrible anthem they created):

    Not sure what I’d pick for F1 though. Will have a think…


    All coverage should start with Fleetwood Mac-the chain. Nothing gets me more excited than that song.


    I remember when F1 was on RTE (in Ireland), the intro song was an excerpt from the song Firestarter, by The Prodigy. Man, that was very cool indeed.


    Definitely Keith that song would work very well for Formula E- being all electric.


    I couldn’t agree more about Just Drive, it was a terrible and rather cheesy choice for an F1 intro in my opinion. It worked when used as an outro as a one-off by the BBC when mixed with montage footage, when the lyrics were new and you could appreciate how they fitted in with the clips used, but at the start of every race the novelty wears off. Also, it just sounds so… well… like a Take That song. I don’t like Take That anyway (no offence meant to anyone who likes them) but that sound just isn’t right for F1.

    As someone who much prefers classic rock music I have to admit I’d absolutely love it if they used Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song. I absolutely love the driving intro and it is everything that F1 should be and Just Drive isn’t – hard, raw, powerful and exciting. I’d love to hear it over footage of a grand prix start.

    Anything rocking would be good as far as I’m concerned though. I’m not so keen on techno-type stuff but I think it can work, although my knowledge of that style of music is limited so I can’t suggest anything. The Chain is absolutely perfect for F1 but I don’t think Sky will use it as long as the BBC continues to cover F1, and of course ITV never used it when they had the sole rights.


    Yeah, Sky will never use The Chain. It connects with the BBC coverage of F1 so no other broadcaster would try it.

    I like the Immigrant Song, hopefully someone from Sky is here listening to us :)


    Wish they would use something more current


    Even for me, who started watching F1 in the middle of the ITV era, The Chain is undoubtedly one of the biggest parts of F1 coverage. I often wonder about whoever it was who came into the BBC office with that tape claiming to have found the intro music for the Grand Prix coverage.

    If I had to choose anything else, it’d probably have to be ‘Hocus Pocus’ by Focus. Only song that comes close to portraying F1…


    My wife is huge into music and she always says that she would love to do the audio compilations on sports and she always has great suggestions. I know this might be a bit too cutting edge for Bernies taste, however, if you mix it up so the intro wasn’t too long a lead in, her suggestion was Deadmau5 – Avaritia.


    Focus’ Sylvia and Hocus Pocus are good shouts!

    I wouldn’t mind Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six (admittedly because I love its usage in the new Forza ads).

    I’d also like Won’t Get Fooled Again, if it doesn’t make it look to much like CSI…


    My previous suggestions:

    Pinball Wizard?



    (I wouldn’t mind the Immigrant song either…)

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