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    F1 2005, had a fantastic intro, with Butterflies and Hurricanes (by Muse) in the background. Amazing combination.


    Al Di Meola – Race With Devil on Spanish Highway


    Just a reminder guys, don’t put too many video links in one post or it’ll load very slowly for some people and they won’t get to see how awesome your taste in music isn’t is.


    The last theme music ITV used when they had F1 coverage (of the 4 themes they used) was Lift Me Up by Moby. I thought this sounded great against the titles they created, which focussed on the glamour of the f1 scene rather than the mechanics of it.

    I like Lewis looking very serious, DC doing a James Bond impression, and the always cheery Anthony Davidson trying to look mysterious against a snake!

    ITV titles with Moby


    The PC game Grand Prix 3 had a great intro song, Furious Angels by Rob Dougan:

    Grand Prix 3 intro


    Why do they have to change it? It’s only been on for a handful of years. Why can’t Just Drive become Sky’s The Chain over the next 20 years!


    @calum For me it lacks any passion that goes along with racing. It’s so boring. The Chain gets you ready, builds up the tension beautifully.

    As I mentioned before this is what would be perfect in my eye, it gets you rocking, gives the feeling for racing.

    Iestyn Davies

    Late to the party, but all I can think of is the instrumental rock music in the original F1 PlayStation game. What about some Joe Satriani or Steve Vai – Juice? The rest of the soundtrack was from a local Liverpool musician!

    Summer song – with its stock car video vibe. UK superstox? :P I’d edit together 0:24 to 1:11 then 3:21 to a fade out around 4:00 or earlier depending on time.

    But the opening 65 seconds and last 5 of Back to the Shalla-Bal would probably be more effective.

    Iestyn Davies

    Big thumbs up for Muse and ITV using Moby, while the Pet Shop Boys song even has the word ‘electric’ in it! So much more appropriate for Formula E.

    Dangerous is mentioned in that thread.. how long is it since there was a song about F1? It was perfect for Lotus F1 with Grosjean & Maldonado ;). Hamilton & Rosberg’s childhood friendship is also added to the storyline. Fair to say that song was Guetta’s tribute to Grosjean’s success in 2013, yet the danger is sadly proven with the loss of Bianchi the day before the song’s release.

    PS. Danger! High Voltage is pretty apt for the rubber gloves KERS era. Plus, ‘F1 engine sound’ on guitar


    @fastiesty that F1 engine sound on guitar is amazing…

    This givens me an idea, one that Bernie might appreciate. Take guitar playing wiz kids like the one @fastiesty showed, strap them to each of the F1 cars and get them to crank out some hard rocking tunes while the cars are racing, then nobody would care about sound of the F1 cars. Set it up something like this on each car:

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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